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functional areas in oxfam and sainsburys

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In this assignment, I will be writing about the different departments in Oxfam and Sainsbury's. SAINSBURY'S One of Sainsbury's main functional areas is distribution. They ensure goods are delivered in the right place, at the right time and in the right condition. Distribution is also involves arranging for goods to be cost effective. * Planning vehicle routes to avoid back tracking. This keeps fuel costs down and saves time. * Making sure that goods are stored appropriately before they are delivered. * Checking if deliveries match the order. Human recourses The human resources of business are its employees. HR is responsible for employing knew staff and making sure each vacancy is filled. * Advertising job vacancies. * Maintaining staff records. * Advertising promotional opportunities. * Checking health and safety and keeping accident records. Finance In nearly all organisations the most important functional area is the finance department. Sainsbury finance staff support the accountants by keeping financial records. * Record money received * Checking and paying invoices received. * Preparing the pay roll and paying the staff salaries * Issuing regular budget reports to all the departments. ...read more.


Human resources and all the other departments The human resources department is in charge of recruiting new staff. This means that they need to interact with other department to see if they need new staff. In addition they also need to see if the other departments want new employees to have training. Oxfam Oxfam is organized by splitting into different divisions. These divisions can help Oxfam achieve their business aims and objectives. These departments include: * Administration * Customer service * Human resources * Distribution * Campaigns and policy * Finance Marketing and campaign and policy The marketing division specialises in advertising for Oxfam. The campaign and policy division is in charge of developing the Oxfam appeal. This means that they go to other countries and choose who they want to support and give their money to. These two division need to communicate wit each other because campaign and policy chooses the country they want to support. They then tell marketing what to advertise. Finance and marketing The marketing division is in charge of advertising for Oxfam. The finance department is in charge of the money coming into Oxfam. ...read more.


The finance department can make financial records for Oxfam. They can then look at these financial records those if they have enough money coming into the business. (F they have enough money coming in to the business they can donate money other countries which will help get rid of poverty. To increase the service offered the departments Oxfam needs are: * Human resources: They can increase service offered because they are n charge of hiring workers. This means that if Oxfam needs new workers they can hire them. This can help because if they have more workers they can use them to offer more services to the customers. * Distribution: They can help because they are in charge of distributing products. This means that instead of customers having to pick up their shopping in store they can be delivered to their homes. This makes it easier for customers and can increase service offered. * Customer service: Customer se4rvise can help because they are in charge of handling complaints positively and professionally. This means that Oxfam can use the customer complaints to improve Oxfam by analyzing the complaints and seeing the problem areas. This can help increase service offered. BTEC first diploma in business: Unit 1 By Muna Aden ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

**** Parts of this are very good showing well considered analysis. Other parts seem to show a lack of understanding of what both businesses are about. It is important to do some research into an organisation you are writing about and ensure you understand it before writing.

Marked by teacher David Salter 01/12/2012

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