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Functional areas of a business

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Raymond Ekajeh Functional areas of a business All the business parts need to be used for a particular purpose. The following points that are in the business are : * Production * Administration and ICT * Sales and Marketing * Customer services * Human Resources Management (HRM) * Research and Development (R&D) * Finance and Accounts. I am going to explain the purpose of four of these functional areas. HEINZ Production The main purpose of production in Heinz is to know that the resources are provided and process goods for the customer. To meet the needs and demands for the customer for Heinz is important because if the needs aren't met they will lose customers is another function of the production team. Another important factor for this section is packaging. ...read more.


* The employees contribute to the business aims and objectives. * Recruitment of new employees and training of the employees is also made by this section. * This section also takes care of the employees whilst on site, and also in charge of the working standards and the health and safety. * Induction day of every new employee is also handled by this section. Sales * Sales have an important job of achieving targets of increasing sales. * This also applies to promotions of the staff and taking orders of the products from the customer. * To look at the product inquires offers, and estimation of the profits. * This section also looks at the adduction and abduction of sales. Tesco * Customer Service meets the needs & explanation of customers * In Tesco, customer service is responsible for returning products, deals with the customer's queries and any kind of customer help. ...read more.


* Tesco has already been in league with the bank of Scotland. * Tesco accounts make list of all the payment and tell the administration area to send letters to all the customers that owes them money. * Human Resource Management (HRM) * Tesco Human Resource Management takes care of the people employed in the business. * The Human Resource Management takes care of the employment on each section. * So if Tesco wanted to hire an accountant for the finance sector this sector will take care of it. * If Tesco wanted a ICT technical person for making the features or introducing new features for the website, the HRM will find a person specialised for that particular job. * Sales * The Tesco sales section participates in achieving competitive sales so more people will be liable to come to them. * This includes the sales presented on Tesco website urging their members to save with them, with their special delivery sale. ...read more.

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