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Functional Areas Of Carphone Warehouse.

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Functional Areas Of Carphone Warehouse. All businesses are divided into several separate departments, these are known as functional areas, the functional areas of Carphone Warehouse are: Human Resources Department The human resources department is responsible for the recruitment, the retention and the dismissal of Carphone Warehouses employees, basically this department makes sure the right person is hired for the right job. This department is also responsible for the conditions the employees of Carphone Warehouse work in. The human resources department is also responsible for the training of employees, the development of employees and the promotions which the employees can achieve. The human resources department is also responsible for the employee's organisations and unions. The Human Resources department is also relevant for the health and safety of the employees at Carphone Warehouse. The Human Resources department uses databases in Microsoft access to keep track of the employees at Carphone warehouse. Finance Department The finance department is concerned with the money that Carphone Warehouse receives and the financial side to the future plans of the Carphone Warehouse such as opening new stores or selling new products. ...read more.


This department obtains and converts resources of the business into goods/services such as the buildings and the land that the Carphone Warehouse owns, the equipment that the Carphone Warehouse uses, the people that the Carphone Warehouse employs and the materials that the Carphone warehouse use to build new stores etc. The operations department uses databases and spreadsheets in Microsoft excel to keep track of the amount of land Carphone Warehouse owns. Marketing and Sales Department Both the marketing and the sales departments are concerned mainly with customer needs. The activities that the two departments are concerned with include Market Research; finding out what the current market want and need, the promotion of Carphone Warehouse; this includes Carphone Warehouse as a company and for the products that Carphone Warehouse sells such as mobile phones Mp3 players and PDA's, this department is also responsible for sales of products which ties in with the promotion of products. The marketing and Sales department uses ICT to create advertising for Carphone Warehouse's products and for Carphone Warehouse it's self. ...read more.


These do not always come from the top and we rely on people throughout the business to maintain our high standards. By incorporating new ideas in retailing and new technologies, we have created a stimulating and rewarding environment for all of our employees. I think every functional area of Carphone Warehouse is concerned with keeping this aim because this is a complex aim and could easily be broken down into several aims; each functional area would be concerned with achieving each section of this aim. ICT helps the functional areas work together as ICT is the dominant form of communication used at Carphone Warehouse, each functional area communicates with another by either telephone or e-mail, as they are the fastest, most reliable, cheapest and safest forms of communication. As the Carphone Warehouse is a global company, I think it would benefit from the use of video conferencing as the owners would be able to give a presentation to a store on the other side of the world without having to leave the country, saving them a lot of time and a lot of money. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andrew Adkins Page 1 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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