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Functional Areas of NHS and Tesco

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FUNCTIONAL AREAS Most businesses consist of a number of different departments, each of which has a specific job or task to do - these are called 'functions'. Tesco With 270,000 employees and a net income of 2.13 Billion Tesco is one of the biggest food retail shops around. As well as being one of the biggest it has many functional areas which include: * Human resources o Human resources are a vital part in any business. Especially in Tesco. They are used in the store and out. Some of the things that Tesco use "HR" is: * Absenteeism - If anyone is absent you need to be able to contact Tesco so that they can arrange for someone else to do your shift. * Disciplinary Procedures - If a member of staff is naughty/aggressive etc then they need a procedure in which the employee can be punished. * Grievance Procedures - Arrangements or procedures for dealing with grievances, such as complaints about bullying, harassment or discrimination; or appeals against. * Teams - Tesco have many different teams as they have many departments in-store. This would be a good way of structuring something as then not everyone is in the same pile. It's a lot easier to manage. ...read more.


o Although it can be said the "System Runs Itself" there needs to be people there in case the server crashes or some 'bugs' enter the system. * Finance and accounts o Tesco look at the money coming in, and the money going out. They will be checking all the bills that people have been paying and they will also be paying and looking at all the items they have bought from suppliers in order to keep Tesco going. o Other companies may let you pay on credit. Tesco doesn't do that, you wont go to a checkout and pay on credit then pay for your food in a month's time you pay for it there and then (usually in Cash). o They also produce financial reports for managers and accounts for the shareholders. * Customer service o Customer Service is important wherever shop you go to. However a shop like Tesco would have to make sure that their customer service is excellent. The reasons for this are as follows: * More customers return if they liked the service they received. * This means growth and potential increase in profit. ...read more.


The time may be different for different jobs. No day is the same at the NHS. * Support staff o Support staff will need regular training in order to become qualified as the Doctor's back-bone. * Strategic leadership o Leadership is important in any job as then you know where you stand. A person that has been doing a job for a while may be required to become a leader in which he needs to carry his team forward and make sure that everything is running smoothly. o Without any leader there will be a big problem. Agreement between people is also very important as that way everyone is satisfied with what is going ahead. The leader has the say in this position which is why leading someone or leading a team is very important. * Marketing o This function in the NHS is to ensure the general public is aware of how to obtain good health care from the NHS. o Marketing will also promote a "healthy lifestyle" for the public to reduce the demand on the health services. * Finance o The finance department will monitor the budget for the NHS and all the expenditure of the NHS trust companies. The future of the NHS will ensure value for the services and supply of the medical products. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

There is very little evidence of research or understanding in this essay. It is easy to go to the Tesco careers website and see the many functions. They have not considered the different functions that will exist in Head Office and individual stores.

Marked by teacher Dennis Salter 01/05/2013

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