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Functional Areas Report

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Introduction In this report I will outline the work of the different functional areas at Tesco. To begin with I will explain the term 'functional area'. A functional area is a specific part of a business that deals with certain activities, roles and responsibilities within that company. For instance for Tesco, their functional area is that they (Tesco) are split up into departments to carry out a range of tasks or responsibilities to support their activities (business) for example Finance or Human Resources. The reason that this is a better term than the term 'department' is because in some businesses specific departments do not exist but there still has to be someone performing the function. An example of this is a small sole trader business. Small sole trader businesses do not have functional areas. This is because the owner of the business will be in charge of the business and will be responsible of everything, for instance they would be responsible for recruiting people to work in the business and therefore they would perform the function of Human Resources. They might also be responsible for producing the accounts of the company and therefore they would also be performing the function of finance. Tesco has many different functional areas, all of which are in charge of certain tasks or functions. The specific functions I will outline in this task are: * Human resources * Finance * Administration and IT support * Operations * Marketing and Sales * Customer Service * Research and Development Human resources At human resources, they are responsible for recruitment, retention and dismissal. Tesco's Human resources department is responsible for the workers and to make sure they have good working conditions, health and safety, employee organisations and unions and training, development and promotion. At Tesco, this area of the business is responsible for recruiting employees as pointed before. Tesco have a Head Office that is accountable for appointing area managers and other senior people in the business. ...read more.


This not only benefits the firm but also improves the employees' furture job prospects. Tesco want to recruit the best employees and make sure they work effectively and safely. The responsibility for these tasks rests with the Human Resource Department staff. They are involved with: * recruitment, retention and dismissal of staff * working conditions * training, development and promotion * employee organisations and unions * health and safety. I will now explain these activities and how the work of human resources affects other people working in the business. Recruitment There are eight stages involved in recruitment of staff. Tesco should know about these so they can make the best possible application for work. * Identifying the vacancy * Drawing up a job specification * Drawing up a person specification * Advertising the vacancy * Drawing up a shortlist * Interviewing applicants * Selecting the most suitable candidate * Offering the job and agreeing the conditions. One job of the human resources at Tesco is recruitment. This is when Tesco employ people; Tesco must have enough staff working at all their stores to aid customers if needed. During these difficult times, finding a job for many is almost impossible. People want to work at easy and fair paid places, Tesco is a good place. Furthermore, Tesco will always want to employ people, they usually advertise the jobs which are available within Tesco. The adverts are more often than not seen in shops windows, newspapers and in signs all across the region. The advertisements are regularly eye-catching and big and bold to catch the reader's attention. It will have all the information on it. After a certain amount of people have contacted the human resources at Tesco regarding the jobs, Tesco will interview the candidates. Tesco will only employ people who really want to work to the best of their capability and who are trustworthy. ...read more.


The disadvantage of these methods of communication is that both the sending and the time taken to receive a reply make them unsuitable for situations requiring swift action. * Reports - When detailed consideration of a subject is needed it is usual for a report to be made. An individual, or groups, will be asked to produce a report for a particular date. This date is known as the deadline. It is important that deadlines are met as failure to do so may delay the work of others. Each business will have its own style for reports but the following features are common. * Each paragraph should be numbered. * A title explaining the purpose of the report. * A summary. * Terms of reference. * Methods followed to complete the task. * Results of the investigation. * A conclusion. * Recommendations. * An appendix. * Email - This is a quick way of communication. Similarly to memos E-mails are usually polite, brief, direct and to the point, but can also be quite informal. Document such as letters, spreadsheets or databases can be attached to the e-mail for the reader to look at if more lengthy communication is needed. Pictures and sound files can also be sent this way. An e-mail is a good way of sending urgently needed written or visual communications and is very cheap to use. The disadvantage is that both senders and receiver need to have access to computer equipment and a telephone line in order to communicate. This can be expensive to set up. Graphical communication Tesco might think that graphical communication is the best way of communication. This means the use of pictures or diagrams. It can include plans of a building, signs, and charts showing sales in previous years, notices in a notice board or web pages. Good graphical communications can communicate ideas more simply than written words and can be understood by people who go do not have a good grasp of English. ?? ?? ?? ?? Functional Areas and Communication 33125 6020 5306 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Business, Companies and Organisation, Activity section.

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