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Functional Areas within McDonalds

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Functional Areas and Communication Most businesses have various departments each has a function to be in charge of. Functional Areas of a business * Finance and accounts-Preparing a daily report on sales figures * Human Resources-Interviewing a member of staff for promotion * Customer Services- * Administration/IT Support-Repairing a broken * Marketing/sales * Research and development- * Production Operations The business is split into different areas so as help keep the business running and must be done regularly and unless all the key functions are carried out, the business will not operate properly for example in a supermarket some staff work as checkout operators, others fill shelves and so on. McDonald's has to use many areas to help keep the business going. They use many forms of communication one most common is via emails. Emails are used throughout the business to transport different information around the business directly to the departments that make up the up the business. Telephone is another good way of getting news transported around the business and is also much easier than an email as it is much easier to explain via telephone. There are also many other ways in which to get different material around the business and these include: * Tone * Written * Video * Staff Meeting * Technology * Oral * Graphical * Memo * Notice * Urgency * Complexity Functional Areas within McDonald's Human Resources Human Resources in overview cover the following areas: * Recruitment * Training and Development * Performance Evaluation and Management * Promotions * Redundancy * Employee Relations * Employee personal Data * Career Development * Compensation, Pensions etc The Human Resources department in McDonald's will look after all the employees that work at McDonald's whether they work at the tills or work at the office. McDonalds will look at each employee; they will look at how they are working and whether they deserve a promotion. ...read more.


When customers buy goods or services they expect them to be of very good quality as well as this, the customer also has a legal right to not be conned into something when they buy a certain product or service. Customers expect the staff inside the business to be kind and helpful, know about the product and if possible offer something extra for their money. McDonalds will have a lot of competition so they will know that a customer has a lot of other places to go if they so wish. McDonalds need to make sure that the customer has a positive experience when they visit them and hopefully this will mean that the customer returns again and again. The customer service department is in charge of making the customer having this wonderful experience, so they will also if needed provide all the extras people need * providing information * giving advice * delivery (doesn't relate to McDonalds) The customer service department will do all they possibly can to fulfil all the customers expectations. Using ICT The customer services department will use ICT to send emails to different customers who have queries and they will also create a database so as to record all the queries easily and then hopefully act on them one by one. The Customer services department will work alongside numerous other departments one of which is the research and development department, they will tell the research and development department that they are having problems with an area and then the research and development department will look at how they can improve that area. They will also work with the Marketing and Sales department, they will communicate with the department to say to them which area in the business the customers are least pleased with and then once this has been sorted out the marketing department will then advertise that this problem has been sorted and this will then hopefully mean that the customers will come and be pleased with the changes which will hopefully bring in more customers. ...read more.


This makes it easier to reinstall the old system if a bug is found in the new one this will means that customer details and employee details are not lost and if anything goes wrong important information isn't lost. Or back up disks could be used which are usually located offsite so they cannot be misplaced and in the event of a system failure or emergency such as a fire or terrorist attack. However this form of back up does not protect individual computer users from losing their own data. These businesses so as to protect employee details so all networks cannot be accessed by fraudster or hackers. So as to keep this confidentiality all employees issues each person a log in ID. The user must then enter a password so as to log on to his or her account. The ICT department will work with all departments as the as there is always going to be a need for ICT whether its repairs or general problems. They will speak with other departments over what programs they require so the design department will want Graphics programs so as to create designs for future products. They will also work with the finance department as they will need the IT department for data input which is keying in data from documents to be processed on computer. They will also work with the HR department over maintaining user identity codes and passwords. The ICT department will use numerous ways to communicate mainly on the computer so emails will be mainly used with this area. They will also communicate outside the business so as most businesses are connected to the internet it is very easy to contact businesses via email. The Internet can be also used to find out relevant information from other organisations such as the new Health and Safety rules that must be applied so with most businesses connected to the internet this means information can be found much easier and at a much faster rate. ?? ?? ?? ?? 05jpattinson ...read more.

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