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Functional Ares

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Emni Restaurant is an Indian cuisine in a sophisticated environment since October 2006. Emni restaurant is ideally situated on Upper Street, just off Camden Passage, the Antiques Mall and the Business Design Centre and only two minutes from the Angel Tube Station in Islington. Emni restaurant has a lot of competitors because there are more other restaurants near by. There are also other railways near by such as, the Barbican, Euston, King's Cross and St Pancras International Rail. The location of Emni restaurant is good for business as it is placed in a more obvious area and where customers can be aware of where it is. Emni has many customers, but not all their customers live in Islington, (where it is located), but it is simply located there for the transport, which is Angel Station. Emni restaurant has a good market, as it is situated next to an antiques shop, so the customers from the antiques shop will be induced to go into Emni's at lunch or when they are out doing an outing meal. These customers will choose Emni over any other restaurant because of its locality and the fact that they serve tributary people. Emni's manager, Mr. Hannan sees it as a disadvantage that they are located on the more restrained and duller side of Upper Street. Most of the exciting activities on Upper Street take place on the other side of Emni. This is a disadvantage, as it draws less attention to them and eventual customers might not be aware of it. Emni does not operate in a vacuum and are surrounded by lots of pubs and newsagent shops. ...read more.


This is so that the customers that they get are fulfilled with the service that they get and so that they can come back again. ECONOMIC FATCORS: Economic factors include interest rates, exchange rates, competition and price (inflation). Interest rate is an important economic factor that affects the business environment. Interest rate represents the cost of borrowing. Interest rates have gone up three times in the past five months. This is affecting home owners as mortgage rates have also increased which is affecting their disposable income. Most of Emni's customers are home owners and due to the current economic trend they are more engaged in paying their mortgage and are not so concerned about their leisure time, which includes eating out at restaurants. The increasing interest rate is stopping customers eating out at emni. Emni's customers pay via credit card and the rise in interest rate is restricting them from using their credit cards. After looking at the economic factors, it shows how extremely the external environment has affecting Emni. Although Emni is going through a tough year in making profit, they can stay ahead of these changes if they adapt to them by considering, for example, their prices and what they have to offer. Businesses need to be careful when it comes to price. Customers are price sensitive; because if there are any changes that Emni makes, it could result in a good or a bad way. Emni needs to avoid extremely lowering their prices; this is because the customers will see this as the restaurant losing its standard or quality in food. ...read more.


Gufaa restaurant has had very bad reviews about their food and service whereas Rooburoo and Masala Zone have had mixed feedback. Fredericks could be seen as hard competition for Emni. This is because they serve the same type of customers but what gives Emni a competitive advantage is that they serve Indian food whereas Fredericks serves modern European food. Indian food is becoming more popular which will make customers want to choose Emni over Fredericks because European food can be found anywhere but restaurants like Emni are unique. Fredericks have been serving customers for 38 year: this means that they have a high level of brand awareness and customer loyalty which Emni lacks since they have only been open for 2 years. The rest of the restaurants serve people earning average income to go out and eat. Not only is Emni unique for its business strategy but its attractiveness and ambience reflects the though that has gone into customer satisfaction. Emni is different from other restaurants as it has culture and healthy food both combined together. It is one of a kind on Upper Street, which is a competitive advantage, and can successfully progress into Camden once the economic trend is in favor of them. In conclusion I think that location for Emni is good because it is the only restaurant on Upper Street that is serving high quality food, which is great to try, if you haven't already. There is no alternative for customers to choose from, and also Emni's serves a great range of food, which will keep the taste on the tip of your mouth. Anyone who goes into Emni restaurant, I assure that they will like the food. By Wahida Begum 11T ...read more.

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