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Gnvq business Unit 1 investigating how business works section B

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Gnvq business Unit 1 investigating how business works Section B Functions All organisations have a number of different departments functions that work together to help the business achieve it's aims, at Thorpe park there are 4 main departments; 1. Finance The main roles of finance include creating a budget to make sure money is spent in a way that every aspect in Thorpe park is funded well to stay in proper condition e.g. if the was no budget they might use too much funds too repair one ride and leave another in bad condition which may cause an accident and they might loose their customers. A second function of finance is to record the level of sales to compare how well the park is doing from previous time and figure out how to improve them therefore if they did not record the levels of sales they could loose a lot of money without knowing it. Recording and checking the cost of new projects so that they can work within the budget of the park therefore if they don't do these, projects might stop in the process because of insufficient funds. Making sure that wages are paid at the right time to the staff to avoid problems of losing employees when the park is running because the park needs the right number of people working in the park to run properly. ...read more.


* Radio-it is important that they advertise on a radio station with listeners who are the people they want to attract Perform market research -Allow customers to post their opinions on their website to get new ideas -do questionnaires by letting people fill out a questionnaire after they have had their stay in the park to figure out what they don't like and like, if they don't do this they will never know what the customers want. They can compare themselves to their competition by comparing their sales with the competitions sales if they don't To increase sales they can hold swimming, golf, skiing, horse riding and bike riding competitions, if they don't do this customers might find the park not exciting with special events happening. 4. Administration department Answers the telephone calls and sends letters if they don't do this they won't be able to communicate with suppliers and business partners and makes it easier for people to customers to communicate with the park Keeps the computer system running if they don't do this they won't be able to collect all information about the park and receive emails from the customers and suppliers and business partners and control the rides. Type letters and keep record of meetings concerning the park if they don't do this they won't be able to recall agreements. ...read more.


* How the different functions interact > Human resource needs to talk to finance to make sure that payrolls are allocated to the right employee during paydays and during special events where in extra staff is needed Finance needs to talk to human resources to tell them how many people they can afford to recruit. > Marketing needs to talk to finance to find out which products are making less money so they where to target their efforts and to set advertising budgets of the money that they will use to advertise. > Human resources needs to talk to marketing to estimate how many tickets will be sold to see if the number of staff is enough to run the park on special events. > Human resources need to talk to Administration to identify jobs that need to be performed so they can recruit someone who is qualified to the job. E.g. when a new ride has been introduced. > Administration needs to talk finance to set budgets for Thorpe park events, advertising and recruitment > Marketing needs to talk to administration to plan advertising campaigns for different events in Thorpe park e.g. a new ride, special events, job opportunities > Human resource needs to talk to administration to introduce new ideas e.g. a ride designer will present work to the manager and he will choose to consider on not consider the ride design. ...read more.

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