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Good customer service help business performance - Unit 11 - Task 2 ( Business Study)

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´╗┐Page | ________________ Unit Eleven - Task Two Good customer service may help business performance Showing how good customer service may help the performance of Tesco PLC. Excellent customer?s service brings benefits for the business and the cycle of good customer?s service means happy staff means Higher-quality service means more profits and more variety of goods means happy customers. Customer service can be described as all the activities that affect customer?s experience of dealing with a particular business. These activities may include how their requirements are satisfied and they are treated by staff. Businesses that offer a high level of customer service will often offer higher ? quality products and will make certain customer trustworthiness. Benefits for the business which result from excellent customer service include: 1. Increased sales 2. Satisfied customers 3. Better public image 4. An edge over competition 5. More customers through repeat business and recommendations Increased sales: Good customer service provided by staff who are attentive and caring leads to happy customers who tell everyone about the wonderful service they have received. ...read more.


?World ? of ? mouth recommendations from existing customers are free ? they don?t cost the businesses anything. Satisfied customers who are happy with the products or services that company providing would tell their family and friends which will result in more sales and even more satisfy and happy customers which called the multiplier effect (7*7). It is more cost ? effective to keep a loyal customers that it is try to find new ones for example, constructing the persuasive advert or leaflets might be successful or might not be. If the company does not make profit than spending money on trailing to new customers is waste of money where you can get success from your loyal customers. Treating the customers with politeness being friendly would increase the sales where customers are loyal they always wishes to come back which tells us that they are satisfy with the service they getting it. Better public image: To construct the better public image providing the good ? quality products and an excellent customer service will benefit from an increased reputation and a enhanced unrestricted reflection. ...read more.


The new business will achieve an edge over the competition which will probably result in the existing business reconsider its course of action and procedures in an effort to win back the clients. More customers through repeat business and recommendations: Customers who are happy with the service that customers receive from Tesco plc, they will tell everyone about the company which called the multiplier effect (7*7) this way they spreading their experience everyone so, the customers are likely to get the interest visiting the company so, this means new customers are building by keeping the loyal customers happy which may means repeat business and more customers. Recommendations from happy customers will lead o more customers who will be encouraged to come and try for themselves. Subsequently, I will also direct to increased trade through repeat business ? customers who are happy will come again overall, the reliable means of loyal customers are expecting the employees to being friendly, open and engaging and politeness and ready to lend a hand means of helpful every time when they visit the Tesco?s which will ensure your business will succeed. Harigna Hinglajia Candidate No: 5225 Centre No: 61217 ...read more.

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