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GSCE Unit 2: People & Business

Extracts from this document...


GCSE APPLIED BUSINESS UNIT 2 COURSEWORK MILLIE GREEN Table of contents Page Section A Page Section B Page Section C Page Section D Introduction Asda was bought - or 'became part of the Wal-Mart family' - on 26 July 1999 for $10.8 billion. Since then, Asda claims that it has gained one million new customers. It is converting some stores to Wal-Mart's super centre format under the ASDA-Wal-Mart banner. The Wal-Mart name first appeared in the UK in July 2000, when the Asda-Wal-Mart super centre opened in Bristol. Two more Asda-Wal-Mart super centres opened in 2000, and it is likely that another ten will open by 2008. A1/2 Stakeholders & their interests A stakeholder is any one person or organisation that has an interest in a business. A corporate stakeholder is a party who affects, or can be affected by, the company's actions. The stakeholder concept was developed and championed by R. Edward Freeman in the 1980s. Since then it has gained wide acceptance in business practice and in theorizing relating to strategic management, corporate governance, business purpose and corporate social responsibility(CSR). Customers- These are the people that have used or still use ASDA. Customers are directly affected by the business' activities (e.g. closing the store for a day) as it can affect profit margins which in turn can have an impact on prices in the store. They are normally interested in prices, availability and quality. The opening times of the store and the car parking facilities also contribute to customer satisfaction. Employees- The employees are mainly interested in the ways they earn. The hours they have to work makes a big difference to and can affect their performance at work and how good they do there job. The managers are mainly interested in getting there bonus's and keeping their share in the business. Owners and shareholders- The owners and the shareholders are more interested in return on money which is a dividend. ...read more.


C1 Employee Rights = Employer Responsibilities Employees & Employers rights and responsibilities Arrangements to inform and consult mean there's ongoing communication between employer and employees. This should involve any important developments that could affect the people who work for the organization. Employers should tell staff what's planned ('inform') and also listen and take into account their employees' views when deciding what to do ('consult'). The Human Rights Act was introduced in October 2000. It's based on the European Convention on Human Rights and adds protection for workers' rights and freedoms. Provisions within the Act deal with work-related matters. If you work in the public sector, it's unlawful for your employer to violate your human rights under the Convention, unless an Act of Parliament means it has no choice. If your employer isn't a public authority you can't make a claim against your employer for breach of your human rights. However, human rights law has been incorporated into general employment law (for example, not to be discriminated against because of your sexuality) and applies to all employers. Your rights as an employee to work in a safe and healthy environment are given to you by law, and generally can't be changed or removed by your employer. The most important rights are: * As far as possible, to have any risks to your health and safety properly controlled * To be provided, free of charge, with any personal protective and safety equipment * If you have reasonable concerns about your safety, to stop work and leave your work area, without being disciplined * To tell your employer about any health and safety concerns you have * To get in touch with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), in Northern Ireland the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI), or your local authority if your employer won't listen to your concerns, without being disciplined * To have rest breaks during the working day, to have time off from work during the working week, and to have annual paid holiday. ...read more.


If it happens to rain one the odd day Asda have a big roll of tissue at the very front of the store waiting for you so if the handle bars were wet you could dry them, and then put them into the bin that is sat next to the tissue. They also have a cash point machine outside the store for the customers to use, which helps the customers out if they don't have cash on them. Another facility is the photo booth, where you can take any kind of photo. Also they have a camera development area and an optician in store. They have a helpful carry out service for the old elderly people who need help with their shopping, and also they have golf caddy's that run round with people who are more than happy to help to take you to you're car if you look as if you are struggling, but this is more of a shopping centre thing rather than just Asda. [b15] [b1]A satisfactory attempt at A1/A2 [b2]Some good evaluation here [b3]Good description of three roles at Asda [b4]B2 complete [b5]Some reasonable arguments here [b6]This is pretty basic stuff and could have been vastly improved. It also lacked reasonable examples [b7]Not at present they cant as there are no vacancies at Castlepoint. But this was a reasonable and descriptive attempt at D1 [b8]Bit to descriptive as some of this would have been better in D1 [b9]Some interesting ideas here but markes pegged back due to D2 [b10]E1 complete [b11]E2 complete and I liked the use of researching a 'live' worker. [b12]Some reasonable analysis and suggestions here. [b13]F1 complete to an unsatisfactory level as you have omitted the requirements on page 78 of the OCR specification [b14]I think you mean it's the customer comment book! [b15]A reasonable stab at this section but as F1 was not complete the analysis has not been fully satisfied. ?? ?? ?? ?? Camilla Green Unit 2- People & Business Cand no: 7052 1 GCSE APPLIED BUSINESS 55151 ...read more.

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