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Hanson Ltd HR planning.

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Human resources planning The role and responsibilities of the human resources function is to deal with people who work, and those wish to work, in a company. If you look at larger and bigger organisations have a specialist human resources department, below I have summarised the work carried out by the human resources. As a company expands or as its employees retire or leave for other jobs, new staff has to be recruited. The role of human resources in recruitment is to inform potential employees that there are vacancies available. Following the advertising of these vacancies. Human resources staffs work with their colleagues from the departments with the vacancies to select the best applicant for the job. The new staff will be given training. All employees benefit from training, so the human resources department also provides training opportunities for existing staff. Human resources work is also concerned with staff welfare. High levels of motivation lead to a happy and contented workforce, which in turn leads to high - quality output being produced. Human resources staffs are involved in ensuring that minimum health and safety and other standards are met, and they may also be asked for help by employees facing work -related or personal problems. ...read more.


The short list is drawn up by eliminating those applicants who don't meet the person specification: for example, they may be regarded as too inexperienced or overqualified. Laws relating to racial and sexual discrimination, and discrimination against people who have a disability, must be observed. The Interview At an interview the interviewer can: 1. Check whether the person's communication skills are up to the required standard. 2. asses the person's social skills 3. check their physical appearance 4. see how confident the person is 5. discuss information on the application form 6. Judge whether the person will work effectively with colleagues in the department. The interviewee can: 1. discuss future prospects 2. check the working conditions 3. ask about training and other opportunities 4. judge the friendliness of the existing staff 5. see the facilities available Selection Tests Some companies run a series of tests to help decide which of the sort- listed applicants is most suitable for the post. * Intelligence tests are designed to check an applicant's mental abilities, and may involve testing verbal and numerical reasoning. * Personality tests try to discover an applicant's personality and beliefs in an attempt to find out whether he or she will fit happily into the company. ...read more.


of social, self - fulfilment and ego to improve the performance of their business employees but we must also appreciate that these theories not all of them will be the same in all the areas of the business. Some information below is extracted from a business book for info Hertzberg Hertzberg and motivation Another American psychologist, Fredrick Hertzberg, identified what he called hygiene factors in work. These are the basic, essential factors such as acceptable working conditions (e.g. safety, cleanliness, adequate rest breaks, control of noise) that form the foundation for happy and well -0 motivated employees. Ignoring these hygiene factors will cause morale and motivation to fall, leading to lower output from an unhappy workforce. Although hygiene factors need to be present at work, Hertzberg argued that they do not, by themselves, motivate the employees. The motivators for employees include: * recognition- having your efforts at work recognised by people * achievement - the feeling of a job well done * advancement - such as actual ( or possible) promotion * Responsibility - being given the responsibility to carry out jobs a work. From Hertzberg's theories I think employers should take into account all the motivation factors above when considering how best to motivate their staff to improve their performance of their business. ...read more.

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