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Hazards in the workplace

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Now we can look at each of examples of the hazards and try to explain possible risks for all the people who might be hurt in the business. For each hazard above we will try to make at least one example of a risk and we will also try to think about how this risk might be controlled and reduced (or maybe even removed): 1. Smoking can hurt health of the employees; also if you leave a cigarette in the wrong place it can cause a fire in the building. To avoid this situation the employer has to make strict rules hung up on the wall between different departments, so people could see what is strictly forbidden. Also they could make some signs that smoking is not allowed. 2. If electric cabling is lying all over the floor somebody may not see it and fall down or electric shorting could happen. To avoid that - all the cables should be gathered together and it should be safe so it won't hurt any body. 3. People may not make a lot of noise in their workplace, as it may be uncomfortable to work for others if somebody is shouting. ...read more.


And you should always put a sign that the floor is wet 7. Sharp or hot objects on the table can be dangerous as well. People may not see it and cut or burn themselves. So make sure that you haven't left a hot coffee somewhere or any sharp subjects. 8. If it is a bad ventilation in the office employees may not feel good, as they may be too hot. They should tell employer to improve the situation by providing new conditioners. Install ventilation equipment to capture and remove harmful substances from the workplace 9. If some equipment is broken somebody should fix it, otherwise someone can be hurt or if person will really need that it woun't work and will cause a lot of inconvenience. 10. If the temperature in the office is too low people can get cold, so at your workplace should be radiators, so they would give warm to all the people in the building. 11. If the lighting is poor , it could affect peoples eyes, and with a time their vision will be lower. So there should be enough lights and lamps for people, so they won't have to strain their eyes. ...read more.


They should be organized and don't get lost even in very difficult situation and always be calm and don't make a rush decisions, also they have to now how to help quickly and effectively. Those people who might need help could be: * Contractors * Operators * Cleaners * Members of the public * Office staff Organization should pay more attention to: * Staff with disabilities * Visitors * Inexperienced staff * Lone workers Accidents and emergencies in the workplace must be recorded and in some cases reported. Recording provides a basis for monitoring health and safety controls and indicates training needs, and provides suitable training programs. Reported emergencies can be seen and provided excellent training material for new employees. There are some regulations and laws covering Health and Safety such as: * Health and Safety at work Act, 1974 The health and safety of employees is a major aspect of working conditions. Employers should provide safe working conditions. The Health and Safety Act sets out the duties of the employer and employee relating to health and safety. Under the Employer's Liability Act 1982 every employer that has own business in the UK must be insured against any injury to an employee during the course of his/her employment. ...read more.

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