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Health and Safety Assignment-Module M2

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HEALTH AND SAFETY ASSIGNMENT-MODULE M2 Part One Q1, A: Work place policies exist in order to minimise waste, keep down cost, provide a secure environment and maximise productivity. The following points should be included in a business safety policy plan. Employee insurance should an employee get injured at work Business insurance in case of any breaches Designated responsibility of the manager Designated responsibility of supervisors Safety training provided Identification of hazards and risks Facilities of dealing with accidents Q2,A: Employer liability is required by law, an employer must be insured against injury to employees or illness as a result of the work undertaken. The law also requires the employer to exhibit a certificate of employer liability insurance at your work place. Q3,A: Public liability insurance provides protection against the liability at law to pay damages to members of the public who are accidentally injured, or killed, or whose property may accidentally be damaged. Q4,A: So the members are fully aware that the company is ensured against people trying to make false claims, it is also a legal requirement. Q5,A: Fire extinguishers of five various types to counteract fires on different surfaces, equipments, chemicals, electricity plus a fire blankets. ...read more.


no maximum temperature but measures need to be taken regularly to keep it reasonably comfortable, thermometers should be available at a convenient distance throughout the workplace. Lighting: Should be suitable and sufficient. Cleanliness: There should be regular cleaning carried out; frequency dependent on the nature of the business, cleaning should be carried out in a manner that does not expose anyone to a health & safety risk. Room Dimension & Space: Everyone is entitled to sufficient floor area, height and un-occupied space. The room when empty should provide of minimum 11 cubic meters per person with a maximum height of 3 meters. Taking into account this figure may be insufficient if a lot of space is taken up by furniture or equipment. Work Station & Sea tings: Work stations should be arranged safely and where possible protected from adverse weather, when doing a job sitting down a suitable seat must be provided. Drinking Water: This should be wholesome and readily accessible unless it is in jet form drinking vessels. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992: This legislation relates to lifting and carrying heavy items at work to prevent injury. Many injuries that occur at work happen over a period of time and not usually in one single incident. ...read more.


Q6,A: For self awareness on what exercises client is able to perform, what happened and current situation of health. Q7,A: If a client is unsure about a contra-indication proper explanation is important that if you do a particular exercise it will harm the injured or weak area of the body which can lead to some ill after effects. Q8,A: Before a client starts a training program under a personal trainer it is important that the trainer explains fully on what is going to be involved when training embarks, just to back yourself a legal form/disclaimer should be filled in that the trainer will train you to the best of his/her knowledge, if any contra-indications from training the trainer is not liable. Q9,A: A contra-action is a normal reaction to training/treatment, especially if the client is a first timer. Q10,A: Muscular aches due to the fibers responding to training, tiredness as the body mind are not used to physical exertion, feeling sleepy due to training. Q11,A: Drink water at regular intervals to eliminate toxins and to keep muscles hydrated proper nutrition to promote recovery, have a massage, swim, spa to help relaxation that will also help you feel less tired and sleepy. 1 ...read more.

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