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health and safety at Staples

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Tarif Ahmed Talukdhar Health and Safety in the workplace Assessment 1 Introduction In this assignment I will be describing about the main laws and regulations of Staples , I will also explain about the key requirements that staples must carry out to ensure that staples as a whole is safe for customers and staff. Iwill also identify the good and not so good health and safety aspects and then state why these aspects are good and not so good. Laws and regulations I this section I will explain about the main laws and regulations that staples must abide too, to keep the customers and staff safe. I will also explain nhow these laws apply to staples The health and safety act sets out general duties that employers have towards there staff and the general public. ...read more.


All staff must go through extensive training on the use of equipment, most of the time this is done by watching videos and cds. Manual training is also done on the use of ladders. There are also helpful tips and instructions on how to use the machinery and keep safe of any developing dangers. Personal protective equipment at work regulation 1992 This law requires employees to provide the necessary protective clothing and equipment for the employees Staples provides many protective clothing, but only for the staff who work in the receiving bay and in the warehouse. Staples provide gloves and goggles when the appropriate machinery is in use also the staff are provided with steel tocap boots that must be worn at all times when in at a working environment at staples. Staples also provide florescent jackets that must be worn at all times when appropriate. ...read more.


First aid means treating a minor injurys and giving attention to serious casulities until medical help is available.It is a legal requirement for all organisations to report any injuries or diseases under the act of reporting injuries, diseses and dangerous occurances regulations 1995. This helps the enforcing authorities to use the information to build a bigger picture to help them find out where accidents are regulary occurring and then help the organisation prevent future accidents. Staples provide first aid kits through out the building with in easy reach, the first aid kit consists of plasters and bandages. Staples also have all there managers first aid trained incase of an ermrgency. All managers are sent on a first aid course where they must pass a written and a practical examination. Staples also has a policy that if any associate has a accident they must immediately report this to the on duty manager, where it then would be written down in the accident book. http://www.is4profit.com/busadvice/intro_to_health_and_safety/index.htm ...read more.

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