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health and safety risk assesment for boots plc

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Risk Assessment A risk assessment is where the employee of Boots plc will have to identify the health and safety problems, and how they may be able to over come the problem. A risk assessment also is something that businesses use to see what will and can damage human health and environment health. Many risk assessments are found to be used when there is a danger of human health and environment health to be damaged, meaning the area to which is being assessed may be assessed for chemicals in the air that will damage things around it. Therefore the employees of Boots plc will have to do a risk assessment on all the things that would have been listed on the checklist, so the risk would be overcome, as they would see away to which they can overcome the problem, for example if there are wires over the floor, then they may find that if they place a carpet there then no one may trip and hurt themselves. Risk Assessment Key 0 = no risk 1= immediate risk to be controlled and action needs to be taken immediately. ...read more.


smoke staff and customers Could damage staff and customers health due to the smoke being let off, it could also cause a fire and damage the store. 2 29/4/2007- Air conditioner taken down, and out the back of the store. Ready to be fixed. 30/4/2007- Air conditioner fixed and restored to normal place HEATING No risk --------------- ------------------ 0 ------------------ ------------------- LIGHTS No risk --------------- ------------------ 0 ------------------ ------------------- ISLES/ WALKWAYS Products on the floor, isles are over stacked with products. Staff and customers are at risk here as they could fall and injure them selves, due to product being on floor and the shelves being over stacked. Could damage staff and customers health as it could lead to them falling over and really badly injuring them selves and then they may feel that boots plc do not care about their health and safety so they may not return to the store time and time again. 3 27/4/ 2007- products are picked up off the floor and shelves are tidied. 29/4/2007- staff are trained properly on how to stack shelves. ...read more.


Staff And customers are at risk of exposure to injuries. Staff or customers could trip over the wires and cause a serious amount of damage to themselves and people around them. 3 27/04/2007- till is put out of order so no accidents will happen. 30/04/2007- Tills wires is tied up appropriately so no accidents will have been made. DISPLAY No risk ------------------- -------------------- 0 ------------------- ------------------ FLOOR No risk ------------------- -------------------- 0 ------------------- ------------------ Warehouse AREA WHATSTHE RISK IS WHO EXPOSED TO THE RISK WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF RISK IS EXPOSED RISK LEVEL DATE CONTROLLED DATE TO WHICH ACTION HAS BEEN MADE Shelves/stock Stock not stacked properly on shelves heavy products hanging off shelves. Staffs are exposed here as customers are not allowed in the warehouse. Staff could be seriously damaged and could end up dead. 1 1/05/2007-action had taken place immediately. 1/05/2007- Controlled was taken placed immediately. Flooring No risk ------------------- -------------------- 0 ------------------- ------------------ Equipment Equipment is not being used properly by employees, PPE's are not being used, and signs are not available to see, even if they are they are not being seen due to posters being in the way. Employees are more at risk here due to Lighting No risk ------------------- -------------------- 0 ------------------- ------------------ ...read more.

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