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health and saftey of richer sounds

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Task F: Health and safety

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the workplace (Health, safety and welfare) Regulations 1992 applies to all work premises and anyone on the premises. The HASAW Act protects people as well as enforces responsibilities to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work.

How Richer sounds put their Health and safety policy into practice.

Richer sounds state that they ensure that their health and safety policy is put into practice in many ways. They ask that all store managers take full responsibility for carrying out the company’s safety policy within their area team or department. Richer sound managers must ensure that:

  • There must always be a copy if the company’s insurance certificate in relation to the Employers’ Liability Act 1969 on display to their colleagues.
  • There must always be a copy of the company’s safety policy and all significant health and safety legal evidence on their notice board
  • That all colleagues sustain an astronomical standard of behaviour in regard of health and safety at all times.
  • All conceivable safety hazards either are made non-violent or are stated to the person who is appropriately eligible to deal with them, e.g. an electrical engineer.
  • All grievance and suggestions about safety procedures and/or hazards received from colleagues are examine and resolve and reported to John Clayton for further attention and details of all accidents are entered into the accident book and are brought to his attention.

Richer sounds state that all premises are kept in a secure and immaculate state, bearing in mind legal requirements. This includes ensuring that the toilets are kept to a hygienic standard and that toiletries, drinking water, hot water and drying facilities are always available.

Fire fighting equipment is of the required standard and maintained regularly, so that all employees are made aware of fire precautions, and regular fire drills are conducted to make sure that all employees are aware of all possible fire exits and that a current fire certificate is available for their department or branch. All entrances/exits must be kept in a safe state, and free from obstructions and there are seating/resting areas provided for all colleagues.

First aid facilities are made available and are equip to all departments. It is made sure that all equipment and stock of first aid are maintained to legal requirements. This consists of confirming that a notice is evidently located on the notice board expressing the colleague responsible for first aid and the location of the first aid kit.

At Richer sounds, everybody is responsible for Health and safety. This is so that everyone has a clear understanding towards all necessary precautions that should be undertaken in any emergency. In addition, it helps to distress people, by making them aware of where all equipment is and how to go about using it properly. It is a legal requirement that everybody in a workforce knows how to deal with health and safety.

Max Oxer is the group Property Director. He is responsible for health and safety and liaises with John Clayton their Operation and Training Director, Lee Nelson and Deputy Field Sales Directors and individual managers over health and safety and first aid training in stores and departments. His obligation involves ensuring that:

  •  Risk assessments are carried out regularly on existing work locations.
  • all new stores meet our standards for health and safety
  • all electrical equipment is safe – we carry out an annual electrical audit but colleagues are encouraged to report any concerns about electrical equipment or installations to their manager immediately
  •  any reported hazards or risks are dealt with promptly and in accordance with company policies
  • all accidents are reported in the relevant accident book and investigations are undertaken when required
  •  important information regarding health and safety is circulated to all managers

It is important that as part of his duty the following are carried out:

  • Carry out a risk assessment -The aim is to make sure that no-one gets hurt or becomes ill, both of which not only have personal consequences, but can affect the business. This falls under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This tells the duty holder what the breach of legislation is what they have to do to comply with the Notice and how long they have to comply with the law. The time period within which to take the remedial action is a minimum of 21 days, allowing the duty holder time to appeal to an Industrial Tribunal if necessary. The officer can then take further legal action if the notice is not complied with within the specified time period.
  • Report hazards and risks are dealt with promptly - This requires safety signs to be displayed to identify risks and hazards. This also enables staff to know what problems have occurred so that they can deal with it accordingly. This falls under the workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.
  • All electrical equipment is safe - Measures are taken to the appropriate risk. Procedures would be need to be carried out more frequently for whether the risk is high and less frequently where the risk is lower. The Electricity at Work Regulations, 1989, applies wherever the Health and Safety at Work, etc., Act, 1974, applies and wherever electricity may be encountered. The Regulations are primarily concerned with the prevention of danger from electric shock, electric burns, electrical explosion or arcing, or from fire or explosion initiated by electrical energy.
  • Circulate health and safety information to all staff - Provide all necessary health and safety information relating to procedures and operations, and where necessary consult with employees. Also it’s to point out what regulation and requirements need to be followed. This falls under the Health and Safety Act 1974.
  • All premises are kept in a safe and clean condition - to reduce any potential health risk. Everything should be done to make your staff comfortable at work, and this includes the regular cleaning of work areas. Waste must be removed regularly and there must be sufficient space and ventilation for people to work comfortably. This falls under the Health and Safety Act 1974.
  • Fire fighting equipment is of the required standard and maintained regularly - regularly maintained by a competent person. To ensure that fire precautions and emergency evacuation procedures for the Company's premises and places of work are maintained in order and complied with, and to ensure fire drills are in place and practised by all personnel. This falls under the Health and Safety Act 1974.
  • First aid facilities -This is so that if an injury arises or is inflicted due to work that colleague can gain medical attention. First-aid prevents minor injuries becoming major. If someone suffered an epileptic fit or heart attack at their workplace, colleagues should know the basics of what to do due to training that is issued to them.
  • All entrances/exits are kept in a safe condition and free from obstructions- All corridors, walkways, stairs, routes and doorways, etc, used for movement and circulation in and around the workplace must not be block or hinder any evacuation exits.
  • Seating/rest areas are provided for all colleagues – So colleagues can recuperate, restore their form and take time out.

Richer sounds continually improve on their health and safety practice by making sure that all colleagues are fully trained and aware of all risk that could in immense circumstances. Also buy making sure that everyone is fully aware oh their surroundings and making note of who is in charge of health and safety, so that colleagues know whom to go to if they need anything

In one of richer sounds stores, the heater over the door stopped working, so the manager installed a calor gas fire in the shop. Richer sounds were obviously aware that the heater was a serious hazard to customers due to a customers clothing being damaged. They immediately sent a multi-fax to all stores forbidding calor gas heaters and stating that any heaters which had been installed must be removed.

They included signs on their in-store coffee machines warning customers that the water is hot after a colleague pointed out the hazard.

Lauren Herelle 11OR

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