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health care

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VTCT VR02 SUPPORT HEALTH AND SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE Task1- Support health, safety & security in the workplace a. Why must you not discriminate when dealing with colleagues, customers and visitors to the workplace? The discrimination act 1995 makes it unlawful for any business to discriminate against any person at work place. Therefore every one should be treated equally. b. Why must cultural difference be carefully respected? Cultural difference is also considered as discrimination, so it is important to respect cultural difference. c. Why must local and national legislation be understood? It helps the business to be more professional, register with regulatory body i.e.: Inland Revenue. Certain business required licensing business also need to be register with local authority. It also helps to be aware of market trends and bring up the changes accordingly and provide training to staff. Task 2- Health and Safety Procedures a. List the people in the establishment who are responsible for the health and safety issues. * Local Government * Local Authority * Employer * Employees b. Why is it necessary to have first aid provision and what is advisable? According to Health and Safety Act 1974, the work place must have first aid provision at work place. ...read more.


e. Give an example of a risk assessment relating to the following. Manual handling Making proper use of equipment provided for the safety, assessing the risk of injury done my any hazardous manual handling. RIDDOR Entering the detail of injury to the client during the treatment on their record card. Environment Protection Act- waste regulation Hazard substance should be dispose of with appropriate safety precautions. COSHH Ensuring employees are properly trained, informed and supervised. Electricity at work regulations Equipment should be correctly wired and checked annually and sticker should be put on the indicating the date serviced. Task 3 - Fire and Evacuation Procedures a. Why is it important to have clear procedures to be followed in case of fire? It is important to have clear procedures so that the type of fire should be identified whether if it's large or small fire and type of fire equipment required being use. b. State the action to be taken on discovering a fire on the premises? Fire alarm should be operated and if don't have fire alarm should shout loudly to ask people to evacuate the building. Turn off all electric equipments and leave the building immediately by the closet fire exit. Out side the building go to the nearest assembly hall and do not enter the building until its safe to do so. c. ...read more.


State the safety and security procedures for the following: People at premises * Let the supervisor know who is on the premises * Keep the personal emergency alarm with you Personal Belongings- student & client * Providing locker to student and staff to store personal belongings * Reception area should provide secure storage for client personal belongings while having treatment * Client property should not be visible in the treatment area Stock and Equipment * Good stock control monitoring system * Products should be stored in locked cupboard and responsible person should keep the key of the cupboard Taking - Cash * Till should be kept locked between uses * Only one or two people should have authority to handle cash * Have key for the tills Record Card * keep card should be under the reception desk * It should not be visible to public and only be used when needed. d. What is the procedure for reporting and recording the breach of security? The breach of security should be reported immediately to the relevant person. Minor incident should need to be notify to supervisor or staff, but in case of major incident may need to notify police so that the action should be taken to resolve the incident e. Give three Examples of breaches of security. Example 1. Shoplifting by clients and staff Example2. Staff stealing money from till Example3. Theft when the premises are close ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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