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History of Levis Jeans

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Levi's Jeans is the best UK's Jeans Jeans were first created in 1873 in Genoa Italy when the city was an independent republic. The first jeans were made for the Genoese Navy because it required the trousers for it sailors that could be worn wet or dry for any type of purpose. These jeans would be laundered by dragging them in large nets behind the ship and the seawater turns them totally clean. The French word for these trousers was "anchored". The French "bleu de genes" from the Italian "blu di genova. These were the beginning words for these trousers but today these trousers are known as Jeans. Jeans were developed in America around 1872. Levi Strauss was a Bavarian dry goods merchant who lived in San Francisco. ...read more.


During 1960s, the wearing of blue jeans became more acceptable and by the 1970s, jeans become a normal fashion in the United States. The jeans continued through the 1980s and 1990s to the point where jeans are now an essential of the people's cupboard. Now every American cupboard have average seven pairs in it. Levi's Jeans were worn by miners, farmers and cowboys and could be seen in all walks of life. Levi's Jeans were originally produced in only three sizes. Today, Levis are available in a variety of styles and are sold exactly in the fitness of the body. Outside of the United States, particularly in Russia where is a popular culture, blue jeans were and even today are in fashion. The American imported Jeans are very expensive. ...read more.


They have expressions, sex appeal and simplicity, all hope for in my cloths". Another very famous Author Jewel Kilcher said, "on my own I generally have very messy hair and wear jeans". Every teenager loves to wear jeans so that's why Marion Jones said "I'm a jeans and sweet type of lady, but I think that it's important to occasionally show a little bit of femininity and I think I do any way". Now days, a very famous Bollywood actor John Abraham is very famous for wearing Levi's Jeans. He said "I love Levi's Jeans because I always feel comfortable in Levi's Jeans". Levi's Jeans are the original stylish jeans that make personality of the person. Levi's has the best fitting jeans for men, women and kids. They are available in various colours and designs. It is the UK's best Jeans. The prices started from just �29.99 and onwards. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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