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How and why have Tesco PLC expanded their store in north Bracknell?

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Business Studies GCSE (G37) 'Food for Thought' Coursework 2003 John Yakimov 11S Content: Page 1 Front Cover Page 2 Content Page 3 Introduction Page 4 Task 1 / Task 2 Page 5 Task 2 Page 6 Task 3 Page 7 Task 3 / Task 4 Page 8 Task 4 / Task 5 Page 9 Task 5 Page 10 Task 5 Page 11 Task 6 Page 12 Task 6 / Conclusion How and why have Tesco PLC expanded their store in north Bracknell? Introduction: Tesco PLC is an international supermarket not only selling high quality goods but has now also become one of the biggest job markets. As well as this Tesco has been running sub-projects to increase the level of customer care. Tesco's main aims are shown by the steering wheel provided by their website (www.tesco.com). Tesco want to have good quality for value to earn their customers loyalty while still making a profit. I will be investigating the Tesco Superstore, petrol station, pharmacy and coffee shop in North Bracknell (Warfield). Store information provided by Tesco: Tesco Superstore, our most frequent layout, with groceries and non-food - Coffee Shop/Cafe - Pharmacy - Deli Counter - Fish Counter - Petrol Station - Pay at pump Task 1 This organisation chart for Tesco Plc shows that even though the Chief Executive is in charge of Tesco Plc most decisions are still made by the Board of Directors: * Tim Mason - Marketing & E-commerence Director * Davis Potts - Retail Director * Andrew Higginson - Finance Director * John Gildersleeve - Commercial and Trading Director * Terry Leahy - Chief Executive * David Reid CA - Deputy Chairman * Rowley Ager - Company Secretary * Philip Clarke - IT & logistics Director Each individual store is divided into this organisation chart. The store manager has span of control over all the deputies who have span of control of their section. ...read more.


It would be most likely that there would be a space in the local store for recruitment at a low level. For example the new space in the store would be selling space as part of a JIT system, which would mean an increase of shelf stackers. This sort of job does not require any major skills so this vacancy would most likely go to a local teenager looking for a Saturday job. How ever Tesco might also have to use advertisement within the local paper for a more senior position. How ever Tesco could decide to use internal employment. This would mean promoting staff to a higher level within the business. The advantage of doing this would be that you know who your worker is and you know all about them and whether they are reliable or not. Although it still means you need to recruit the same amount of people to fill in the spaces. For the new recruits Tesco would need to draw up a Job description. For the shelf stackers Tesco would be looking for young teenager kids who would work for small amounts. Although the problem with young teenagers is that they would only work at the weekend which would mean you would have to find older people who are willing to work during the week. The interview methods would be most likely a face to face interview. The advantages of doing this would be that the employers can see who they are employing and see their reaction to certain questions, whereas if they did an interview via the phone it may be more convenient although it may mean you can not see how they are reacting an they may also have a piece of paper with a script of what to say. Due to the expansion the current staff will have to deal with doing overtime for some time until the employers can employ some new staff. ...read more.


Tesco could also decide to use big banners on cars which drive around the local community, this catches the person's eye as they wonder what it says on the banner and notice it is for Tesco. Another way in which Tesco could advertise is to use leaflets through peoples doors. The problem with this is that the person may throw it straight in the bin since it is junk mail. Tesco could also advertise by introducing a 2 day sale of their new TV's by 20% so as to get many customers in and at the same time introduce them to the food section of the store. This would also make people choose Tesco over specialist suppliers of electronics. Tesco need to decide how much money they are going to spend on marketing before they actually start. This is so that they have a clear budget and do not spend furiously on ways of advertisement that may not even work. They way in which Tesco would measure the success of the marketing campaign would be to ask people as they came into the new store how they heard about it. The person who is asking the questions would then record the results and then the data would be shown to the manager who would then interpret which method was the best and which one to use in the future. From this the management would decide on new objectives for the expansion. Such as they would decide on how much they want to have sold by a certain time and how much they are willing to reduce prices by before stopping. Conclusion Tesco needs to expand the store in north Bracknell, as it will attract more customers, they need to also offer more facilities as it will offer more customers, Tesco will also then be able to offer a wider range of goods which means they can attract a lot more customers, Business Studies GCSE (G37) 'Food for Thought' Coursework 2003 John Yakimov 11S Page 1/12 Business Studies GCSE (G37) 'Food for Thought' Coursework 2003 John Yakimov 11S Page 6/12 ...read more.

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