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How business' work.

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Investigation How Business Work My name is Jasper and I have been asked to choose a company and investigate all about that company. The company I have chosen to investigate about is Safeway Supermarkets. In this task, I will be investigation the business objectives of Safeway's and why they have those objectives. Safeway's was first started in 1977 and has grown very large since than. It is in the service business where by they buy stock from manufacturing companies and sell it on to their customers and it's also a public limited company (Plc). Safeway's now own about two million high street stores in the U.K. alone and are now looking to opening some of its stores in other parts of Europe. The head office of Safeway's is at London. All decision must be clarified or accepted by the people at the head office before it goes ahead. Safeway's makes an income of 50 million pounds a year and are stills looking to improving their income. Safeway's vision in future is to become (The first choice food retailer for all their customers' locally.) over the past four years, Safeway have been working hard to achieving its vision and to achieve it, they have set out the following objectives. ...read more.


His role is to ensure that the Board follows its procedures fully and that in the management of the business, it has regard, at all times, for its duty to act in the best interests of the company (present and future shareholders), and to have regard to the interest of other stakeholders. These stakeholders are employees, customers, suppliers and any others who may be affected by its operations. He is vice chairman of the Corporate Due Diligence Committee and a Member of the CSR Steering Group. Nicola Ellen, Strategy Manager - CSR, reporting to Lawrence Christensen, is responsible for day-to-day CSR management. Which is the report sent to stakeholders of how the company is doing in teams of income and the company environment. Dr. Kevin Hawkins, Director of Communications reports to the chairman (David Webster) about the press release and public affaires. He also chairs the Charity Committee, which manages the corporate charity budget. David Webster, director of Finance chairs the finance departments. His job is to give financial advice to the company and to also calculate the profits and loss of the company. He also keeps financial records of the company. ...read more.


The Race Relation Acts This act makes it illegal fro any employer to discriminate against on the grounds of the persons colour, race nationally, or ethnic origins whether directly or indirectly. The Disability Discrimination Act This act is concerned with the discrimination against people with disabilities in employments, when obtaining goods and service or buying/renting land or property. The disability can be physical, sensory or metal but must be relatively long tern (for more than 12 months). An employer must not treat a disabled person more favorably than able body person whether in recruitments, training, promoting or dismissal unless it can be justified. Employers must also be ready to make reasonable adjustments to the work place to enable a disabled person to do their jobs. Disabled person who suffers any discrimination can report their complains to the employments tribunals. Discrimination in this case is not divided into direct or indirect but less favorable treatments can be justified. Equal opportunities in Safeway's Safeway's makes sure that it follows these acts. In order not to violate any of these Acts, it states at the bottom of its application forms about the above acts. An example of safe ways employments from has been attached to this work. Unit 1 / Task 1 1 Jasper Osei / Business Studies /JOI ...read more.

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