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How businesses Work

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To: Mr. Sttorck From: kasun perera Date: 23rd March 2003 Ref. unit1: How businesses Work How businesses Work Introduction For this unit I will give a clear description of the activity, aims and objectives of my chosen business, a description of four functional areas of the business including human resources. Descriptions of the equal opportunities of employees are safeguarded by legislation, an explanation of different functional ways to communicate with each other and external contact. The company I have chosen for this unit is Tesco the reason I chose Tesco is because it is a very successfully growing company. Tesco is public limited company (Plc). (Means that any one can be shareholder) Public limited companies are the largest type of privately owned enterprise in the UK. Tesco sells Groceries, cloths, CDs, videos, DVDs, books, computer games, electrical, school equipment, wines and other alcohol drinks. Tesco offers finances such as loans, credit cards, savings, flexible, and mortgages, travel money. They also offer insurance such as motor insurance, home insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance and breakdown cover. One of the other services they offer is Internet shopping, making shopping much easier for customers. Tesco all so has an in store pharmacy. Throughout out years Tesco's in store pharmacy grown in to one of the country's leading pharmacy chains. Tesco is currently the leading supermarket in UK. Tesco as a pretty good competition from other supermarket such as Sainsbury, Safeway. But Tesco is cheaper then mot of the other supermarkets and they offer lot more products. ...read more.


Pay salaries to the staff. Pay the suppliers, Providing up-to date financial information for the managers about the business performance. The activities of the finance department Preparing accounts Obtaining money Paying salaries Job roles in finance department Financial manager: Financial manager manage the finance function and staff. Credit controller: Credit controller ensures that money owing to Tesco is kept with in agreed level. Chief accountant: is responsible for preparation of Tescos accounts. Financial director: He gives advice to Tesco senior managers on financial matters about game. They oversee Tesco's budget and are in charge of all financial fuctios in tesco. Marketing Department The job of the marketing department in tesco is to sell the finished products to the customers. If the marketing department fails the whole company fails. The department identifies the consumer's requirements and supply their needs. This involves a lot of market research and finding out what the customer's requirements are. Tesco use many types of initiatives to encourage customers to shop with them. For a example Tesco offers club cards that gives the customers points which are exchange in to money off in their next shopping trip, tesco offers internet shopping so that it is easier and quicker for the customers to do their shopping. Tesco carry out many activates to find out about customers such as Internet questionnaires, which is based on the net. (Or can be on the store). They do this to find out what customers needs and try to cater them, by doing this they increase customers and profit. ...read more.


Tesco use this kind of Matrix structure because the old Hierarchical structure was not the best structure for tesco because they are such a large company. Also the other companies where releasing their products before tesco so that's why they had to replace their structure. Hierarchical Organisational Structure Tesco's Hierarchical Structure Above is a hierarchical organizational structure for Tesco. It's shows how the business works and who works for who. For an example Accounts Clark work for Administration Manager and Computer Programmer work for Technical Manager. The disadvantages of the Tesco's Hierarchical Structure is that massagers take a long time to flow down to the shops floor and some times the massagers can get mixed up. Another destadvantage of the Hierarchical Structure is that a company can release the product before Tesco release it. This is because it takes time for the idea of the product to flow downs the Hierarchical Structure. The advantage of the Hierarchical Structure is that it's shows the line of power. THE PROCESS TO DEAL WITH A COMPLAINT Customer service desk A customer comes to the desk A customer complaint about a hi-fi The employee try's to deal with the complaint If the employee can't deal with the complaint he will call his manager The manager will deal with the complaint The manager will try to make the experience as well as possible for the customer So the customer comes back to the shop at Tesco Where I got my information from about tesco' s www.tesco.com, GNVQ business studies book, Teacher, Ask questions about tesco on the tesco website, I went to my local tesco store and interview employees, ...read more.

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