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How can Nandos increase its Productivity?

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BUSINESS STUDIES COURSEWORK Pavan Aulak 10AV How can 'Nando's' increase its Productivity? Introduction Nando's is a restaurant chain which is all over the world. Nando's first began in 1987 as a small restaurant near Johannesburg in South Africa, although it has a Portuguese theme. The Founders of this restaurant were Fernando Duarte and Robert Brozin. Nando's is worldwide with restaurants in over 400 different locations. Although the Nando's in the UK was set up by Robbie Enthoven and Capricorn Ventures in 1992.These Nando's were set up as a stand-alone company and is set apart from its original restaurant in South Africa. In the UK alone Nando's has over 100 branches. Nando's is a 'quick serving' restaurant which specializes in chicken dishes and other Portuguese foods. Each branch has a basic design which is then adapted and changed according to that branch and its location. The branch I have chosen to look at specifically is Nando's at Bluewater - Water Circus. This restaurant is near the Showcase cinema in Bluewater Shopping centre. (Full address can be found in Appendix). There are two Nando's restaurants in Bluewater Shopping centre, the one I will be looking at is the first one that was built there. This restaurant is in an area where there are other restaurants of all sorts; fast food, Spanish restaurant, Chinese restaurant and many more. This shows that Nando's is located in a popular place, but also has to compete with many restaurants to get customers in. BUSINESS STUDIES COURSEWORK Pavan Aulak 10AV Main Investigation Every business no matter what they do have an aim which is to stay competitive in the market and be aware of their competition. Productivity is output per worker or output per machine to see how efficiently your employees are working and how well your business. Productivity can be calculated by looking and measuring a various number of things. ...read more.


This could be useful is Nando's wanted to see which part of the restaurant is used the most of which part of the restaurant produces highest sales. As there are different sized tables, you may be able to fit only one table in a square meter whereas somewhere else you may be able to fit two tables in a square meter so sales would be affected depended on the amount of people sitting there. There is an advantage to this as you would be able to tell which tables have highest sales. A useful way of measuring productivity for Nando's is to see how long stock lasts. This would allow Nando's to see if they are ordering too much because their stock is being wasted or if they are ordering too little as it is getting finished to quickly. This is a good way of measuring productivity because it allows them to see how quickly their food is turning into a Nando's dish and being supplied to the customers, this allows them to also check the speed of the productivity to check that the stocks are not taking too long to get supplied to the customers. This would improve Nando's productivity in the long run as they would see which stock intake works best and work to that, this would also mean that stock is not being wasted and the food is being used and supplied in the best way possible. Table Turnover is also a good way of measuring productivity; this may not particularly the best case scenario for Nando's. As was mentioned there are two main advantages of table turnover; one being you can see how many different people sit at a table every day and the other being that it allows you to see how productive the workers are at getting people on and off the tables' quick as possible. In Nando's you would be able to measure how many different groups of people can sit at a table during a ...read more.


From my observation and understanding of Nando's I would say that from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, most workers are between the belonging and esteem section of the pyramid. This shows that feel accepted as part of group in their working environment and some of them may even get recognition from the work that they do. Nando's could try job enlargement where the workers are being given greater variety of tasks to perform which should make the job more interesting but are not very demanding. This way the workers would nit get bored and find the job that they are doing repetitive. Another way of improving output per worker could be rotation of employees, again so that they are not doing the same thing all the time. One day week they could be working on the till and another week they could be serving the food, this would motivate the workers as they have a change in environment and have a change of activity which helps employees stay motivated in new tasks. To increase productivity, would mean increasing worker motivation you could have a bonus scheme such as worker of the month could receive a bonus. Customers can be distracted with a queuing system at peak times, by introducing a ticket system which also acts as a one free drink voucher when the customer is seated; it gives the customer an incentive to stick with its choice of restaurant especially when its competitors are nearby. This can also been seen as another way of counting customers. Competition within the workforce is another way of boost productivity, for example you could introduce an A team and B team within the workforce which would provide a challenge for the employees to maximise their strengths to deal with the demands that they are faced with at peak times. Overall, I believe that Nando's productivity is quite and even with today's economic climate they have still managed to stay productive and keep sales high. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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