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How do the functional areas help To achieve the aim of each business? Tescos and Strand hairdressers

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How do the functional areas help To achieve the aim of each business? Operations at Tesco This is a very important department for Tesco in meeting their aim of retaining loyal customer because all the ideas that Tesco has the operations department put it into action. The operations department must also make sure that all the stores that Tesco owns are similar to each other this is very convenient for their customers because it means that the customers will not feel lost. if the customers are feeling happy with the stores then this will mean that Tesco will be able to keep them happy and loyal. The operations department is also about the land and environment, as they have to make sure that they are using the land to the best of its ability without harming the environment. An example of the operations department at Tesco working is making sure that the car park is convenient for all their customers this is important because it helps to show Tesco as a caring business. Productions at Tesco The productions department at Tesco makes sure that the stores are fully stocked so when the customers come into Tesco they feel that they can get whatever they need whenever they want. This helps Tesco to retain the loyalty of their customers because it means that the customers are happy with the service that they are receiving from Tesco. ...read more.


The marketing department is therefore a very important part of Tesco if they want to achieve their aim. Marketing at strands The marketing at strands is mainly market research and Chris the owner has to do all of this on her own. The market resear5ch is mainly based around what her competitors are doing, the prices etc... Tesco does not have to worry about doing market research like this because all their competitors publish what they are going to do and their prices can easily be seen. Advertising is very important for strands in achieving their aim but at the end of the day Chris must always have the goods to back up her advertising. This is why Chris must always keep up to date with all the latest hair cuts as this will mean that she will be meeting the need of her customers. If she meets the needs of her customers this will mean that all her customers will be happy to come to her for a haircut, as they are happy and loyal to her. If Chris buy a particular brand that she feels will ell well and it doesn't then Chris will lose a lot more than if Tesco made this mistake. This is why it is harder for strand to do marketing than Tesco. ...read more.


have to show their shareholders how they are doing and if they are doing well then they will achieve their aim of getting more shareholders. Finance at strands The finance of strands is very important, as Chris has to stay on top of her business this is because Chris has to make sure that she is not in any financial problems. If Chris gets into a financial problem then it will be very hard for her to get out. This will also mean that Chris will not be able to meet her aim of surviving. Human resources at Tesco Tesco's human resource4s is a vital part of their business as it helps them to retain their customers, human resources helps Tesco to retain their customers by making sure that Tesco has got the best employees tio offer the best service to their customers. Human resources at strands The human resources department at strands is important because Chris has to make sure that all her employees will be able to give the customers what they want to a good standard. This will help Chris to achieve her aim, as the customers will be happy so they will come back and give Chris more profit. If Chris gets more profit then this will help her to achieve her aim. The functional areas at Tesco work together as a strong unit to help Tesco to achieve their aims. ...read more.

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