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How Landrover's Human Resources department operates

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A/S Business Studies Essay on how Landrover's Human Resources department operates At Land Rover, The Human Resources department, makes Land Rover more competitive in the market, a vast majority of influences take place in making Land Rover competitive. The planning of manpower of Land Rover contributes to making them more efficient and operative. This is because, the manpower plan is a system which delivers where all staff members should be situated and what are there functions. It helps staff identify how to operate and also it shows how the process of colour production is made effective. Moreover, The Human Resources department of Land Rover makes the organisation, competitive by placing a performance management system. Assessment of Land Rover employees is a situation. This process is welcomed by both managers and employees as long as it is done fairly and systematically. The process of assessing employees is called 'Performance Appraisal' and is normally carried out by the employee's immediate superior. Herzberg suggested that 'Satisfiers' such as recognition and personal growth motivate employees to work to the best of their ability. ...read more.


The opinions of customers may also be collected. This method gives a thorough picture of the employee and is able to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Land Rover carry out an appraisal system two times every year. The more frequently appraisals are carried, the better. The benefits of a appraisal system is : � it helps to identify training needs � other problems may be revealed such as workplace difficulties with other staff. � Useful skills may be uncovered � Communications between managers and employees are improved. When a manager encourages and praises a member of staff, it is highly motivating for them. � Appraisals provide disciplinary documentation- If Land Rover need to dismiss someone, the appraisal records which identify the employee's inability's and/or lack of effort will be useful. Performance management allows Land Rover to ensure that all of their workers are properly trained. A properly trained employee will be more confident in their job and will be better motivated and will perform more efficiently. Customer satisfaction can be increased by providing the customer with quality products which have been made by the employees who are happy in their work. ...read more.


* Commitment by communicating to employee's the values of the organisation and how they can be trained to uphold them * Communication, with training providing an effective channel Need satisfaction, training can contribute to the satisfaction of peoples needs for achievement and recognition. To be chosen for a course motivator. * Job enrichment * Change management in that training helps employees understand why change is necessary and how they will benefit. Gives them confidence to cope with new skills necessary for new working practices. Overall, the influences of commitment is undergone through performance management and training and development procedures. The performance management motivates the staff to provide an outcome of effective working and efficiency across Land Rover. The training and development also motivates the employees in achieving success, this is undergone by self success. Where the employees want to achieve satisfaction and value from everyone. This will also make Land Rover more competitive in the long run as skills and qualities will be generated and this can be applied to the use of Land Rover and this will make Land Rover more efficient. ...read more.

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