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How Small Businesses Can Compete.

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´╗┐How rival business are more or less competitive then my chosen business. How business compete. 1) Small businesses are so much closer to their customers. In fact, the proprietor of a small business will very often meet and speak directly to customers every day. In large firms the owners, senior management and decision makers often don?t get exposure to the coal face of their market at all. The advantage to the small firm is they can get immediate, direct feedback and have the ?nose? to be much more oriented to changes in customers? needs and interests, and spot new business opportunities at the earliest possible stage. ...read more.


Bigger firms on the other hand are usually more hamstrung by corporate policy and guidelines which hamper their ability to do anything too radical or too quickly. 4) Small businesses can keep their costs lower. They usually don?t have any choice, and their survival depends on it. They haven?t got the overheads of their larger counterparts, and as a result the cost of innovating or developing something new doesn?t have to be a competitive barrier. 5) Smaller firms are more adaptable. They can turn orders around fast, they can try several ideas at once, and they can have more informal business plans which allow them to react and adapt to market or customer needs almost at will. ...read more.


So even though small firms may not be able to beat their larger competitors on price, they can certainly try to beat them on quality, reliability, flexibility and individual flair. Here are a few non-price factors that typically affect the decision making process of purchasers. * Product or service superiority ? prospective buyers will compare quality standards and performance levels between similar offerings. * Specification ? buyers will judge how close it is to meeting their exact needs. * Convenience ? of ordering, delivery, payment terms and so on will be noticed and appreciated. * Customer service ? before, during and after the sale is often the Achilles? heel of larger firms. ...read more.

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