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How the organisational structure, culture and management style of J Sainsbury's interrelate.

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How the organisational structure, culture and management style of J Sainsbury's interrelate. The organisational structure culture and management style all inter-relate within J Sainsbury, by enabling J Sainsbury to be as successful as it possibly can and to help the supermarket meet its objectives and ensure that it is keeping it's customers happy and meeting their needs. By this I mean that if J Sainsbury didn't have a good management style for the business then the business (J Sainsbury) is not likely to do well as a supermarket because due to the management skills being poor, the staff wouldn't behave the way they do for when there is a good management style because I think that the customer service provided would not be as sufficient as it would when there are targets and a certain level of customer service to be met. Customer service is therefore required to be as helpful as it can for customers, and this inter-relates with the management system that J Sainsbury has, because ...read more.


The chairman and marketing staff of J Sainsbury decides what type of advertisements should be made for J Sainsbury in order that it attracts customers and helps to meet the J Sainsbury objectives. The culture of J Sainsbury inter-relates here, because every time J Sainsbury launch an advertisement (which is through the media) they have to use their slogan (making life taste better), this is so that customers are familiar with what J Sainsbury is trying to achieve as a supermarket. At the moment Jamie Oliver (celebrity chef) advertises for J Sainsbury, I think that J Sainsbury must have attracted a lot of customers through this because Jamie Oliver is shown cooking a meal using only J Sainsbury's "Be good to your self" food products. I think that this must have made some customers, and fans of Jamie Oliver's cooking go to J Sainsbury and buy most of J Sainsburys own brand product(s) ...read more.


I also think that the managers have to believe in the culture of J Sainsbury in order to ensure that the staff is helping to achieve the objectives and mission statement for J Sainsbury, as this also motivates the manager(s) to achieve the set objectives for J Sainsbury. To motivate and encourage the staff to do their jobs efficiently and enjoy working with J Sainsbury have enable them to have 40% discount of all J Sainsbury products after working there for a period of six months or over. I think that the organisational structure, culture and management style of J Sainsburys are all as important as each other for J Sainsbury to be a successful supermarket, this is because all 3 of these factors rely on each other to certify that J Sainsbury is meeting it's objectives to its potential and that the supermarket does not get taken over by its competitors or be put out of business due to the management style, culture or organisational structure. ...read more.

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