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how to write a reprt

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Sarah Nayeem, Page 1 07/05/2007 DUMPSTER HOTEL INVESTIGATION REPORT CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS Sarah Nayeem, Page 1 07/05/2007 Sarah Nayeem, Page 2 07/05/2007 Contents Page 1) Summary 2) Investigation of complaints 3) Areas of concern 3.1) House Keeping a) Cleaning b) Room Preparations 3.2) Electrical Maintenance 3.3) Kitchen Department 3.4) Customer Services a) Relationship b) Reception c) Bar Department 4) Investigation Outcome 5) Conclusion 6) Recommendations 6.1) Housekeeping 6.2) Customer services 6.3) Reception 6.4) Kitchen Department 7) Appendices 7.1) Graph (Amount of customer complaints) 7.2) Hotel room numbers with specified problems Sarah Nayeem, Page 2 07/05/2007 Sarah Nayeem, Page 3 07/05/2007 1) SUMMARY The customer complaints that we are investigating are as follows: Housekeeping has come to a poor quality, particularly in the hygiene area, there is a lack in skill in customer service and not showing enough care for customers, the kitchen is not up to a high standard and there isn't enough cuisine and again very poor hygiene. 2) INVESTIGATION ON COMPLAINTS This report has very concerning issues as regards to the workforce in this hotel. ...read more.


Kitchen department The dishwasher is in a very bad state. Not enough supply of food proves why there is a limited menu. Unprofessional staff, not qualified enough to know the basic food hygiene, and not have enough feedback, which I believe is the reason for late servings. Reception The receptionists have either no or are under qualification for clerical work, they have no knowledge of book keeping or keeping records of guests staying and leaving the hotel. Relationship I have been investigating the cause of the garage being closed to early and the reason being was that the person responsible for that department has gone on vacation. Staff denies any negative behavior towards customers. Bar department The staff show disregard to customer service. When questioning the staff about this matter, they say the 'customers are to blame'. This is not quality service and they have no skill in this area. Sarah Nayeem, Page 4 07/05/2007 Sarah Nayeem, Page 5 07/05/2007 5) CONCLUSION As you are aware, the Dumpster Hotels reputation has come to a rate of high concern, considering the amount and reason of customer complaints, I have carefully investigated each aspect. ...read more.


This is significant as they will be dealing with guests and their posts, room keys and any other services that are required to do by the receptionist. Sarah Nayeem, Page 5 07/05/2007 Sarah Nayeem, Page 6 07/05/2007 6.4) Kitchen department The kitchen requires a new dishwasher immediately, this also is cost effective in regards to extra-staffing the kitchen members and a new menu offering a lot more variety of cuisine for the guests is strongly suggested. Preparing a set time for breakfast and also maybe having an order checklist as to what the guests will have on the following morning (only if they require room service). 7) APPENDICES 7.1) 1) Unsatisfactory condition of Waiter's uniform. 2) Dirty crockery 3) Bar closed too early 4) Music too loud in bar 5) Guests given occupied keys to rooms 6) Long wait for service in bar 7) Barman drunk whilst on duty 8) Short measures of alcohol given to guests in bar 9) Wine been watered down Sarah Nayeem, Page 6 07/05/2007 Sarah Nayeem, Page 7 07/05/2007 7.2) GUEST ROOM NUMBERS WITH SPECIFIED PROBLEMS Sarah Nayeem, Page 7 07/05/2007 ...read more.

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