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How was the Schlieffen Plan meant to work?

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How was the Schlieffen Plan meant to work? The Schlieffen plan was created by Count Alfred von Schlieffen, who was the Chief of the General staff in the German army. There are a number of different aspects of the Schlieffen plan, but all were aimed at defeating France as quick as possible, preferable in under 10 weeks. The Germans believed this was possible because they defeated France in Alsace and Lorraine in the 1870's. ...read more.


So the Staff wanted a quick and easy victory in France so they could turn there attentions east towards Russia. The second aspect of the Schlieffen was to use neutral Holland and Belgium as a means to get to France, as the German- Franco border was heavily fortified and would mean almost certain defeat for Germany. Even though they new that it was likely that Britain would get involved for doing so, as it was a perfect way for them to get involved as defending a innocent country from a mighty power would keep the British public's morale high and would enlist more people. ...read more.


In this process the Germans would be able to take Paris, the capital as they moved south to join the 5th to 8th armies in Lorraine. The whole of the Schlieffen plan was set to a strict timetable, which in theory is a good idea on behalf of the German staff, but in reality when factors such as fatigue and unexpected resistance like at Marne took place the timetable soon became scraped along with the "plan". ...read more.

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