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human reosurce

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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT VS PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT, ITS EVOLUTION AND CURRENT SITUATION INTRODUCTION Attempting to make an assessment of Personnel management in comparison to Human Resource Management, I will try in the first part of my argument to provide both definitions of those terms, and briefly explain some generally acceptable functions of both PM & HRM. In the second part I will discuss the evolution of Personnel Management, and finally I will compare and contrast PM & HRM using material from HRM & PM journals, books and abstracts from relevant literature. Making a brief introduction to the issue, I could say that it has been notably observed during the past decade that a revolution has been taking place in Personell Management in most developed economies.(Sisson K.1994). Those changes would rather be described as an ''Evolution'' function of PM towards the Human Resource Management with a strategic perspective for the organizations and that can be explained as the HR activities which are used to support the firm's competitive strategy. PART A: DEFINITIONS AND FUNCTIONS OF PERSONELL MANAGEMENT & HRM The Personnel Standards Lead Body (1993) has defined Personnel Management's purpose as being to ''enable management to enhance the individual and collective contributions of people to the short and long-term success of the enterprise''. We can identify the major functions of Personnel Management as: � satisfying particular needs of an organizations stakeholders. � developing, motivating, aspiring employees so as to meet organization's objectives. � creating the proper environment for management as to perform recruitment, selection and training to current and potential employees. � empowering teamwork and co-operation cross departments. ...read more.


That was the time where HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT was needed to take place as a more specialized function in the organization to handle employee matters and generally manpower planning. The purpose of each job and role had to be specified narrowly and accurately. Performance and results are clearly identified with employee actions and extend to motivation and rewards. Inner-Qualities from managers are needed such as leader, analyst, motivator, colleague, planner, reinforcer, so as to cope cross-departmentally with every employee, and weaken in turn ambiguity and confusion. Straight forward lines of action are needed from the start of a business and HRM is the answer to all of these issues. PART C: DIFFERENCES OF PERSONELL MANAGEMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ''Human Resource Management is regarded as just a set of initials or old wine in new bottles.'' (Armstrong 1987). Many experts in the field have argued that it would be just another name for personnel management. We can identify through my research that ''two sides of the coin are possible''. Firstly, we may look onto HRM as the natural development of personnel management in a more sophisticated way, and taking the words of Pat Lowry former president of the Institute of Personnel Management '' Personnel work has always included strategic matters and the present emphasis on business issues merely represents another change in the environment to which the personnel manager adapts by strengthening the competencies needed for the new situation. Human Resource Management is just the continuing process of personnel management- it is no different''. ...read more.


specialists which core value is that Human Resources are really important of a business and must be seen as an asset rather than a cost and the undertaking of a strategic perspective onto them is essential to achieve organizational objectives and satisfy stakeholders. bliography * � Sisson K., 1994, ''Personnel Management'', 2nd Edition, Blackwell Pub. * � Armstrong M, 1987, ''Human Resource Management case''- Journal of Personnel Management August 1996, (30-5) * � Legge K., 1989, ''Human Resource Management-A critical Analysis'' * � Personnel Standards Lead Body (PSLB), 1993 * � Hendry Pettigrew et all., 1991, ''Human Resource Development in small to medium sized enterprises'', Dept. Of employment Research paper No 88, Sheffield * � Storey J., 1989,''New perspectives of HRM'', London, Routledge & Kegan * � Storey J. & Sisson K., 1993,''Managing Human Resources and Industrial Relations'', Milton-Kaynes, Open University Press * � Derek Torrington & Laura Hall, 1995,''Personnel Mngt-HRM in action'', 3rd edition Prentice-Hall * � Guest D., 1989,''Personnel & HRM:Can you tell the difference ?'', journal of Personnel mngt January vol 21, No 1 * � Guest D,1987,''HRM and Industrial Relations'', Journal of Management studies 24(5) * � Beer M. et all, 1984, Managing Human Assets, New York free Press, ''Harvard Framework'', usage of the model * � Peters T. & Waterman R., 1982,''In search of excellence'', London, Harper & Row * � Poole M., 1990, 'Editorial: HRM in an international perspective'', international journal of HRM, vol. 1, No 1 * � Pat Lowry, President of the Institute of Personnel Management * � Armstrong & Long, 1994, Research findings in HRM & Personnel views ...read more.

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