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Human Resource Management – Case Study: Norconsult (UK) PLC

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Human Resource Management - Case Study: Norconsult (UK) PLC OBJECTIVES * Identify the motivational problems experienced by an organisation. * Identify the role that a formalised staff appraisal system could have played in alleviating some of these problems. * Outline the disciplinary procedure that should be followed in an individual case * Explain the role an employee representative group could play in resolving some of the issues. PART I - TASK ACTIVITY 1) motivational problems Responsibility - The nature of work did not provide staff with the means to achieve their goals, a reasonable degree of autonomy, and scope for the use of skills and competencies. Recognition - Work environment that did not give employee for what they are and what they do, no recognition. Advancement - There is no opportunity to grow by developing abilities and careers. Achievement - No support to employees in their efforts to improve their performance. - No set organisation goals in the UK market - No job enrichment. Fear - Employee fear losing their job. Therefore the main factors of motivational problem are: * Lack of planning on the part of the parent company. * Insecurity as a result of the decision to send UK staff abroad at short notice. * The threat from contract staff. * The feeling that UK staff is seen only as income generators by the parent company. * The requirement to adopt a Scandinavian way of working. ...read more.


The head of the HR and the if required, the employee's representative should be present at this appeal. RECORDS It is important that accurate records are kept of formal disciplinary cases. Each time a formal warning is given it should be recorded. Incomplete or inaccurate records lead to disputes and disagreements. ACTIVITY 5) How an appraisal system might help to avoid a problem in future 1. Open room for communication from both parties - She would be able to put forward their initiatives. 2. It will make clear the target that employees are to meet up and it will be baring or receiving performance. 3. It will enable the company to provide guidelines and training for staff. 4. Staff's performance would be made at interval, which will identify their strengths and weakness. Any difficult would be address there and then. 5. It will clarify the goals and objectives of the organisation to the employee. 6. It will give room for goal congruence (i.e. between organisation goal and individual employee goals). 7. Any training need would be identify and also ways to meet the need. 8. It will leave open room for further/communication between employs and employee. PART II - TASK (1) (a) Four offences, which, if committed by an employee would always necessitate having to take immediate disciplinary action, are: - Falsification of qualifications, which are a stated requirement of employment. Malicious damage to the organisation's property Stealing from the organisation, or its members of staff, and unauthorised removal of the organisation's property. ...read more.


(2.22) Where Court proceedings are involved the appeal hearing will by mutual agreement of the parties be deferred until the proceedings are finalised. In the event of an agreement not reached the Chairman of the Personnel Management Sub-Committee can be asked to adjudicate. (2.23) The parties can if disagree with the decision of the appeal, take the case further to the court, even to as far as European court of law. 2 (b) Points the Tribunal will take into account when coming to its decision; The Tribunal will look at the facts of the case, and the procedure used by the management to deal with it. Whether the case was properly investigated and to see if the organisation acted reasonably or not before dismissing Andrew from work. i.e. did the management follow the procedure or not. The Tribunal will also look at how the management have exercise their power in dismissing Andrew, and finally the Tribunal will look at other evidence. The outcome will be to Re-instatement Andrew, and return him to work after giving him a warning about future conduct. The reasons the Tribunal will give for its judgement are: It was Andrew's first offence The management did not follow the procedure by dismissing him from work. It was failure of the management to monitor his work. It was failure of the management to raise their concern with him in the first place. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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