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Human Resource Management.

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Human Resource Management Human resources deals with the well being of the workforce, the areas, which have to be highly considered, are: * Human resource planning * Recruitment * Training and development * Performance management A business, which performs well to these four points, will help the workforce contribute to the business efficiently. Human resource planning This section of human resource management is part of the overall planning of the business. Planning how best human resource can be used will help the business meet it's objectives. To increase the potential of human resource management within a business employees need to be used efficiently, to do this they need to be managed efficiently using the following ways: * Planning how to motivate and satisfy workers * Planning how to develop a organisational culture * Planning how to support or develop employees * Analysing current employment needs * Forecasting the current likely future of employees * Forecasting the likely future supply of employees that will be available * Predicting labour turnover Planning needs to be used because employees can be short or long term, the business has to predict how the employees will act. Planning will enable a business to use the employees to the best advantage therefore choosing the correct way to deal with employees is important. Below are a few examples of the ways in which a business can plan: * Changing business aims into employee goals - a business has ...read more.


* Job centres - these find applicants quickly and easily * Visiting universities - this is an advantage as employees are found with a graduate standard and is fairly inexpensive The job can be found, shown who is needed and where to get the employees but in order for potential employees to be found they need to know about the job therefore the job needs to be advertised. Advertisement is done though finding the most appropriate media, with the most effective advertisement. Advertising is expensive therefore it has to be done correctly and effectively. Training and Development Training is very important to a business because if the employees are not correctly trained then they will be inefficient and cause the business not to run smoothly and loose profit. If employees lack in training customers will recognise this and will feel that the business is not sufficient for their needs. Not only will customers recognise the employees lack of training but the employees themselves too, they may feel that their business has no time to train them, which will discourage them within their work and they will not work to their best ability. Also less training will prevent the business from working their employees to the best of their ability to increase work efficiency. The aims of training are: * Well trained workers will be more productive * Help to create a more flexible workforce if the employees are trained in different areas ...read more.


If the work of this employee suffers then they will risk the possibility of a decrease in salary, they will not want this to happen therefore they will work to their best ability. * Increase motivation - employees need to be motivated in order to work to their best ability therefore a business needs to find out what is demotivating employees and how to motivate them. There are many ways in which a business can motivate their employees for example: * Better quality environment to work in for example cleaner, better lighting and a more modern setting. * Increased responsibility will give an employee a sense of achievement and they will work hard to keep this responsibility. * Job rotation will help employees not to be bored or tired of doing the same job. If they are given different tasks to do then they will work harder because when an employee is doing the same job for a long time they will not work to their hardest. If an employee can come to work feeling good due to being given different ways of increasing their performance they will be able to feel they have achieved something. If a business can achieve all these points of human resource management they will be able to provide themselves with the right employees, the right training and the right performance they wish for. With completing all these points they will overall provide an effective workplace. KELLY WOOD ...read more.

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