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Human Resource Management.

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Human Resource Management Introduction I have been asked to read the provided case study "Bleak House: People Are Our Most Easily Disposable Cost" (Source: Charted Institute of Personal & Development, 2000). The scenario provided is that I am on a work placement at "Bleak House" and have just met one of the owners of the business, who is interested to hear I am studying Human Resource Management. While agreeing that good Human Resource practises may be nice in theory, he has doubts whether it would be practical in Bleak House. However, he gives you the opportunity of reviewing the present practises within the company and coming up with suggestions, which might benefit the business. So my first objective will be to understand the current policies at "Bleak House" and then evaluate them with "text book" human resource practises and apply them to the business. Some may not be practical where as some may be this is the objective of my report. Problems that the company faces "Successful corporate leaders recognise that their competitive edge in today's market place is in their people. They also acknowledge that few organisations know how to manage human resources effectively, primarily because traditional management models are inappropriate in our dynamic work environment." (Quotation: Human Resource Management, John Bratton and Jeffrey Gold, Second Edition) The business was due to need changing right from the first day. ...read more.


How to change Bleak house could introduce a new pay structure that gives extrinsic rewards when the work is done to increase the level of motivation. These extrinsic factors would benefit the business greatly if where added to a new intrinsic work strategy. Benefits to change First and for-most is important to create intrinsic rewards in the work place other wise extrinsic factors will not work effectively in the long term. If employees feel they are key to the operation it gives them a sense of purpose and responsibility. This sense of responsibility motivates the workforce to achieve extrinsic rewards, which means the business will become a productive workplace. Recruitment "Recruitment is a process which aims to attract appropriate qualified candidates for a particular position from which it is possible and practical to select appoint a competent person or persons." (Quotation: Employment Resourcing, M. Corbridge and S. Pilbeam, Prentice Hall) To have good recruitment and selection is important because well thought out; communicated policies, procedures and practises can contribute positively to the businesses performance. Ineffective recruitment and selection will lead to poor work performance, unacceptable conduct, internal conflict, low morale and job satisfaction in the long term. These are all evident in Bleak House. How to change The objective of a recruitment policy is to attract an appropriate number of suitable candidates, at a reasonable cost. Recruitment Methods * Press Advertising * Other Advertising * Waiting Lists * Employment agencies and recruitment consultants * Job Centres * Careers ...read more.


The problem at Bleak House has been that the employees have had no training since the company began this would explain a natural decline in productivity over time. Conclusion From studying the problems at Bleak House the obvious problems just jump out. The fact that "Recruitment was by word of mouth, training was non-existent and health and safety rules where short-circuited wherever possible" meant that these issues needed to be changed immediately. These three problems on top of a continuing communications problem between owners and the employees means that the business has done well to survive this long. The serious issue is that if these new ideas are not recognised it is unlikely that Bleak House will survive much longer. * Recruitment is essential to ensure that the best people are appointed to do the Work. * Training has to be conducted to ensure that the employees have the potential to be working at their maximum productivity levels at all times. * The fact that workers can't only have the potential to do the work they need to be motivated to do it is vital. New ideas about intrinsic and extrinsic rewards need to be thought out and applied. * Health and safety compliments the motivation factors in that it creates a good working atmosphere. If all these factors are conducted and maintaind by the owners and managers/supervisors it can only mean that productivity of the business output will increase. ...read more.

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