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Human Resource Management

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Introduction This report is on Human Resource Management, which will be looking at four main topics for this project; Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Training Development and Performance Management. All these topics will be applied to a company called RS Components which began of trading in 1937; RS had the objective to provide a suitable replacement part for every job. More than 60 years later RS have been committed to a single purpose: service excellence. During that time, RS have now become Europe's chief distributor of electronic, electrical and mechanical components, health and safety products, and associated tools. RS came about in a lock up garage in the North-West of London by two men named J H Waring and P M Sebestyen. They created a company called Radiospares Limited. Radiospares began working from a small building in Birchington Road, supplying radio repair shops with spare parts for radios. It was from that, that RS started to grow in to becoming the market leader as it is today. For this report we visited RS Components, which is the largest company in Corby and is known around the world. To help us collect the information needed, we visited the company and searched for two top Human Resource Managers that helped us put our project together. They were Camilla Mattison whose job is to deal with customer focus, influencing others, is results orientated and be a Team Leader, and Samantha Lubo janski whose role is a Training and Development Assistant. Human Recourse is important to RS because they have to (Grow each operation company to the same relative size and profitability as RSUK, which is referred to in their mission statement - see appendix 1 for more information). If there were no human resources department there would be no one to look after their employees and if there is no one to that then the business will be in trouble. ...read more.


The application forms that RS use is that I think that they try to expend on the forms (see appendix 16) to try and get much information out of their candidates as possible which I think is a good idea because that way you can see which candidate could be suited to the job post. * Reference - reference are describe as a positive form this is when a teacher or formal employee will say positive things about you this will help you be consider for the job you want if the employee believes the references has a helpful statement. * Medical references - this is one of importance to RS because employee are likely to carry out medical check (see appendix 17) because this could effect other employees that you work with and plus some jobs have specific health standards for the job. Planning to fill a vacancy Vacancy can happen in RS and it can happen in other companies to vacancy can occur if a person is made redundant, sacked, left, be taken over by new technology or even being dead. All these conditions can happen in RS, which is, and there are alternatives to vacancy came in. * Alternatives to filling a vacancy Alternative to fill a vacancy can occur in RS especially when the Human Resources management are under pressure for the vacancy to be filled. There are ways in which RS can save their money by: * Overtime by the remaining employees * Restructuring of the work * Employing part-time staff * More use of machinery/techno0logy These alternatives can have a positive effect for employee's for example more money this can boost the employee's drive to do well in their job. Factors to be considered when planning to fill a vacancy In order to understand the early stages of planning to fill a vacancy RS needs to have a recruitment authorisation process to go through this consist of (see appendix 18) ...read more.


work hard without being told * Accepts changes in the company * Employees care about the future for the company Douglas McGregor theories are still used today in many companies and in most companies there are ten to have a lot of theory x than theory y which is great for the organisation. Identifying the Theories to RS Company RS are influenced by theory x and y because in their call centre staff are more supervised by mangers and by technology so that way they know if their staff makes outside calls that is not related to their work plus RS do not think their employees are lazy at their job. There are some similarities in Fredrick and Maslow theories towards RS which are that RS do have the following: * Bonuses for their staff * RS have a high pensions for staff who stayed with the company over matter of time * Higher wages when moving up in the Hierarchy * Control behaviour * RS have hours that can suit their staff * RS have a positive management staff RS motivate their staff by having the right environment for their staff to work in which is very important to the company because with out that staff will find that they will start to lose their employees and the business could fail. RS motivate their staff by the following; * They give bonuses to staff who have improved in their work * Have special events for their staff e.g. Christmas, birthdays fireworks parties * In their canteen they have sits faces each others so that they interact with one anther * Incentives is were you work for it and receives bounces for it for example an employee receive so many calls in certain of hours be given bounce for the work. RS needs to have these because if they don't they will lose their employees and will find it difficult to employ more staff and if that happens they business of RS will fail. ...read more.

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