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Human resource planning

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Human resource planning Human resource planning looks at the current skills and motivation in the workforce and compares them with what will be needed in the future. To make this analysis the business has to take internal and external considerations into account. Internal planning considerations Assessing the skills of the current workforce is an essential part of planning as it enables the business to build up a profile of the training, experience and qualifications the employees already have. A workforce skills profile provides managers with information about whether skills are adequate for the business's needs, and whether extra training or skills development need to take place. Planning is about deciding when and where such training should take place based on predicted future demand for a product or service. Estimates of future demand for the products and services and future business growth allow the business to plan the size of workforce needed. ...read more.


belong to older age groups and many are due to retire in the next five years, plans must be put in place to recruit new employees to take the place of these staff if the job will still exist. There may also be concerns about heavy reliance on casual labor or on large amounts of overtime being worked. Relying too much on either of these ways of working may lead to the workforce losing motivation or becoming over-worked. Overtime is also an expensive way of paying for production, and increases costs to the business. Workforce planning for the future, especially if technological changes are likely to be happening, may conclude that employees need to be moved within the organization to a different role. Deploying human resources successfully can assure that the workforce is developed to meet the business's future needs. Multi-tasking can also help the business plan successfully for the future. ...read more.


A lack of potential future employees means there will be a labour shortage and companies are likely to need to pay higher wages in order to attract the right people to work for them. If one organization pays less than others in the same industry its not likely to be able to attract the best recruits if demand is high. A company needs to ensure that the pay and conditions it offers are comparable to those offered by others in the same industry. But there is a need to strike a careful balance as an increase in costs for the company may lead to lower profits in the future. Paying the appropriate rate to attract suitable employees must be balanced against managing funds carefully in order to make a profit. When considering external infuences on human resource planning, it's also necessary to consider what is happening to the nature of work on a local and national scale. ...read more.

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