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Human Resource Planning.

Extracts from this document...


Task 1 (E1, A2) Responsibilities of HR Department For this task, I will show the responsibilities covered by the human resources function within the business and show thorough understanding of the importance of these resources to the business. To get A2, I will show a critical understanding of the contribution that effective human resources management can make to improve the competitiveness of the business and illustrate the points effectively. A businesses human resources department have to plan carefully to ensure they have the right number of suitable employees for their needs. To do this they need a good understanding of the labour market in the areas where they operate. These are the following labour market factors for human resources planning: Local employment trends Local skills shortages Competition for employees Availability of labour Human resources planning also involve looking at how labour is organised within the business. The human resources planning department of Boots is concerned with getting the right people, using them well and developing them in order to meet the goals of the organisation's aims successfully, it is necessary to identify the means of using people in the most effective way and to identify any problems that are likely to occur (for example in recruiting the best people), and the coming up with solutions to the problem identified. For example, if Boots decided to expand into France and Germany the human resources will need to identify: The skills and competences it will need the new employees to have. How many people with these capabilities it will be able to recruit. Ways of training and developing people to meet these skill requirements. The figure below shows the various stages in the human resource planning process of Boots. The top left-hand side of the diagram is concerned with an analysis of the likely future supply of the right sorts of people, while the to right-hand side looks at the expected future demand for the right sort of people. ...read more.


Planning when and how to advertise Job advertisements form an important part of Boots recruitment process. Boots is able to communicate job vacancies to a selected audience by this means. Most job advertisements are written or at least checked by the personnel department, a task involving the same skill as marketing a product. Advertisements reach those people who have the qualities to fill the vacancy. The nature of the advert will depend on the following: Who the target audience is - potential managing director, supervisor, operatives, etc. Where the advert will be placed - on the window of the shop, newspapers, at the local job centre, etc. Job adverts therefore take many forms, according to current requirements. Good advertisements contain at least the following: Job title. This should form the main heading, possibly in bold print. Job description. This should highlight the major requirements of the job in a concise format. Organisational activities and marketplace. There should be a brief description of the environment in which the organisation operates. Location. Applicants need to know the location of the organisation and the location of the job. Salary expectations. Figures are not always necessary, but an indication of the salary level should always be given. Address and contact. This should appear, with a telephone number of appropriate. Qualifications. Certain jobs require a minimum entrance qualification, which should be clearly stated. Experience. This should be considered, as it will have a bearing on the expected salary level for the job. Fringe benefits. The advertiser may wish to mention a company car, a health insurance scheme and so on. Organisational identity. This may be in the form of a logo or simply the name of the organisation. The presentation of the advertisement is very important as it gives prospective employees a first impression of the organisation. The strengths and weaknesses of job applications: letter of application and curricula vitae Letters of application A letter of application should have a clear structure, with a beginning, middle and an ending. ...read more.


In addition to company wide schemes, Boots stores commonly operate local motivational practices which are delivered at each store's discretion. What arrangements does the company have for employee participation? Each business unit and Group Headquarters Logistics have similar Staff Councils, which meet regularly during the year. A company-wide, Combined Central Staff Council, comprising representatives from each Staff Council, meets twice yearly, in June and November. The new Boots Staff Council aims to enable two-way communication between all Boots staff and the Company's most senior managers more effectively. There are currently three 2-day Staff Council meetings a year in Nottingham, and Steve Russell (Boots Managing Director) is the official Chairperson for each Council day. The new Boots Staff Council will be an amalgamation of all Staff Councils across the company (the Boots Division Central Staff Council, Office Council and Warehousing and Distribution Council). It will also be developed with the European Works Council Directive in mind. The new Boots Staff Council's mission statement is:- "To act as a two-way communication tool to support and listen to all staff and develop ownership and pride in the business." A network of 33 Staff Councillors liaise with a number of local representatives to help achieve the Council's following objectives. Once the new Councillors and representatives are in place, the new Boots Staff Council will: * Have more involvement in the long-term strategy of the business, rather than as a forum to discuss specific local issues * Utilise a greater breadth of knowledge in the Company to provide feedback, generate ideas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness, and help to solve problems * Use Staff Councillors as a sounding board to influence Company initiatives at the planning stage * Ensure every single member of staff can have their say via their staff Councillor Task 7 (E7) For this task, I will explore one human resource function in depth. I will give effective examples of how the work is carried out and how it is evaluated in terms of its contribution to the activities of the business. Abdul Motin Advanced VCE Human Resources Miss Channing Source: www.boots.co.uk 1 ...read more.

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