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Human Resource Planning

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Human Resource Planning In this section this is a short explanation on how the organisation uses and interprets internal and external labour market information to plan its human resources. Each year Southgate College prepares a development plan, this is built up from all areas of the colleges operations and then forecasts for the coming years - (curriculum support services) and this includes human resources planning. The college can then plot where it is and where there will be changes to staffing needs. The staffing profile group considers requests for new posts/staff. The indicators that Southgate College has for likely demand for courses and staff are the applications for courses, inquiries for courses and staff and the last years course numbers and also the enrolment. They also use the labour turnover results to see the rate of which workers leave. This is very crude and simplistic, it takes no account of why people leave but it will give the human resources an indication of how many staff they will need for the following year. ...read more.


Employers engaged in the delivery of public services are most likely to have provided training opportunities to their staff, particularly those in education, this is done at Southgate college. Over the last two years the economy has suffered. There has been a general slowdown in the growth rates of many sectors, whilst other sectors have suffered a considerable decline, most notably in the Information Technology, manufacturing and telecommunications sector, This is bad for Southgate college because they will not be able to find any qualified teachers in these professions and also these courses in I.T. may have to be abolished if decline continues. Analysis & of Analysis market trends Planning and predicting accurately for staff requirements can be difficult in further education and for Southgate College. This is because competition from other jobs and the state of the national economy. A boom means it's difficult to recruit teachers because there are many alternative jobs. The current areas of increased demand for courses are the vocational courses, construction, motor vehicles and electrical instillation. ...read more.


Southgate College has followed this trend and is able to recruit more teachers and also this will help them reduce fewer students to a class. One major trend in the market is that businesses are moving out of London. The reasons tend to be related to cost (too expensive) or because of overheads being too high this will leave many people unemployed. From this the Human Resources at Southgate College will be able to provide jobs to the students who cannot find one. Southgate College is in a very competitive environment and they must provide courses students demand and also train staff in new courses to offer a wide variety towards their typical target market. In addition they have also increased the segment of the market they are aiming at by recruiting staff willing to work night shifts to accommodate those who work but also want to study a particular course. This is because there are many colleges that Southgate competes with they must have the better teachers and also the better courses this will then help them compete with other businesses and also gain the most students. ...read more.

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