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Human resource's at Westminster Kingsway College

Extracts from this document...


INTRODUCTION In September 2000 Westminster College merged with Kingsway College to form one of the largest Further Education College in London; Westminster Kingsway College. Westminster College itself was set out on four sites and Kingsway College over three sites. In practice however, Human Resources staff from both former colleges have worked with representatives of the recognised Trade Unions producing harmonise procedures, which went to the governing Body for approval. However, the legislation declared that in such cases colleges should go to the borough where the college had the greatest floor space. This meant a great deal of organisation in all the functional areas of the college, all of which are now in place. The principal Richard William runs the college and under him are five directors including the newly created post of human resources Director. At the management level below, is the personnel Manager for the merged of the college and now (since January, 2001) has responsibility for Training and Development. Before the merger, there was no Human Resource Department, but a Personnel Department whose major function was recruitment and selection and general personal tutor. Training and development and performance management was carried out by a Quality Management Department. Under the new human Resources Director the department now has responsibility for manpower planning, recruitment and selection, performance management and training and development. There is of course another side to reorganisation, which is ensuring that everything is legally managed whenever individual are at risk of redundancy, and this too is a key function of Human Resources Department. In addition Human Resources Management is using staff as a strategies to improve the business performances. This places emphasis on recruiting staff needs, skills and training, in order to get the best workforce to meet the business objectives One of the most important for Human resources manager is recruiting and selecting new employees. Without the right employees the organisation will be unable to operate efficiently or serve its customers properly or make any profits. ...read more.


Recruitment Consultants and Executives There are various advantages and disadvantages of external candidates: Advantages * There will a much wider range of people from which to choose * Newcomers to the organisation will bring new ideas * Since newcomers are not associated with the old college policies for this reason it will be a good idea to bring people from outside if a change in the college is planned. * They may be likely to be more mobile than existing staff and in a multi-site college this can be very useful for the organisation. * New skills and management techniques may also be obtain from the new staff, which the organisation may adopt. Disadvantages * It very expensive than recruiting internally * It takes time for the new staff to get used to their new jobs, therefore they will not be performing effectively for the initial period Job analysis This is the first stage of recruiting an employee. The College management may gather information by questioning the job - holder or observing the job - holder at work. The information gathered is carefully recorded and analysed. Further information might be obtained through discussions with the job - holder's supervisor. The job analyst complies a description of the main responsibility of the job by asking: * What are the main tasks of the job and how often do they need to be completed * Are any specialist technological skills required to do the job * What mental processes are require to do the job * Is the job holder required to take decision and use initiative * What are the limits of the job holder's authority * Is the output from the job a part or a whole * Does the job holder have to work with others, or control the work of others * What are the required performance standards and how are they measured? ...read more.


In order to meet this need at work, individuals need to be provided with the opportunity to use their creative talents and abilities to the full. Douglas McGregor's 'theory X and Theory Y' The motivation of employees is always the responsibility of the manager. The manager makes an assumption about the employee's basic needs when deciding on a suitable motivation method. Douglas theory suggests that two type of employee exist, each possessing different needs. McGregor also argue that the type of employee a person becomes is influenced by management style. Theory X conveys a negative view of human nature, it portrays employee as lazy, unambitious people who dislike work and need to be controlled through punishment. McGregor state that if employees are treated a if they are naturally inclined to be idle and disinterested and believes that they do not want responsibility, then they will fulfil their role. Theory Y argues that employees are not money motivated but gain reward from the job they do. This theory presents employee as self-discipline, work appreciative people who crave responsibility and creative fulfilment. Theory Y is significant because it suggest that given the right condition and management style employees can be motivated to work efficiently and productively. Both theories will react in contracting ways to different management attempt to increase motivation. The management role is to determine which approach and style should be adopted in order to satisfy the need of the employees. Foe example theory x employee is likely to respond to financial inducement while the theory Y employee will be stimulated by job enrichment, job enlargement, job rotation and quality control circles. Westminster Kingsway management offers pay and working conditions which are both highly competitive and above average. The college is committed to an open and honest management style, which enables employees to be well informed and to understand issues affecting the organisation. Westminster Kingsway College has a progressive and competitive policy on performance and reward, design to recruit, motivate, develop, and to retain high qualified staff. HUMAN RESOURCES ABIMBOLA ALLIU 1 AVCE IN BUSINESS ...read more.

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