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Human Resources Conflict

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Human Resources Conflict In this section I will be identifying possible areas of conflict between the various human resources functions in Southgate College. The human resources functions are: Selection Appraisals Staff Development Reward Recruitment and Training In Southgate College the recruitment process for teaching staff can take a long time there are several reasons for this: 1. Some skills are in very short supply such as electrical instillation, plumbing and construction and also motor vehicle maintenance. This is because these skills earn far more money in the labour market than if people with these skills be paid if they came to work at Southgate College as a teacher. 2. Owners of these skills would be expected like all teachers in further education, to undergo 2 years training part time for the certificate of education, which is a government requirement. But many plumbers and electricians are already well qualified and resent the fact that they have to do another period of training 1 day a week for a job in which they earn far less money than if they stayed as plumbers and electricians without the qualifications. ...read more.


This is because when skills are required existing employees will have to be made redundant. The importance of Training and Development at Southgate College is that If they neglect and do not train the staff it you will be caught out in the end either by staff leaving due to low moral; Southgate college may not perform at its peak because staff may not know how to use equipment properly or are not sure what the correct procedure is or your business falls behind because either you or your staff have not been given the opportunity to update their skills or knowledge within the college. Recruitment and Appraisals Recruitment is supposed to find the right person with the right qualifications and skills and the right personality for the right job or vacancy unfortunately recruitment is a human process and there will always be errors. These mistakes will only appear when the employee starts working or receives his/her first appraisal but if the employee could of done a lot of damage. ...read more.


In many cases however staff development does not lead to reward e.g. one teacher may gain many qualifications and skills through training and not receive promotion or recognition on the other hand other members of staff may have lower level skills less qualifications and may still be re-promoted over colleagues who are more qualified. This conflict occurs because there are no criteria for promotion, which takes in experience training or qualifications. Therefore there is considerable possible conflict between training and reward and this can lead to resentment. The people who do not get promoted will then be de-motivated and will not work to their best as they no they may never get promoted. As most people think if you have better qualifications and better training you will be granted better wages or a greater position in the organisation than the other members of staff who haven't. This may lead staff to leave the organisation or just not put all their effort into their job. The training is used for the employees benefit and also the organisations benefit. So if this conflict occurs it will keep the organisation behind and will have to start recruiting and training again. ...read more.

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