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Human Resources department in William Hill are important because they have a connection with the quality of employees and market success.

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Question2) Human Resources department in William Hill are important because they have a connection with the quality of employees and market success. William Hill will not be able to work effectively if workers are not committed to meeting corporate objectives so it is the HR management job to ensure this quality by recruiting, developing and retaining these staff. In order to do the above it is essential for HR department to look at various information internally and externally to plan for human resource. Internal and external information is important for William Hill as they need it to determine what they are doing, what they should have done, and what they are about to do. For this company to be the best and to strive to the highest levels they should make sure that they know all legislations that they need to follow in order to stay on the same side of the law. Internal in formation consist of what is happening in the business such as below: Labour Turnover This means the number of employees that leave over a period of time, are replaced and the average length of time workers stay and reason for staff wastage. This can either be advantage or become a disadvantage to William Hill. This is because it can either bring in new employees with new ideas and skills, or it can be expensive to recruit new staff. ...read more.


There are different types of training: Induction, Mentoring, Coaching, Apprenticeships, and Off and On the job training. Staff training is required if William Hill are to continue and to be successful to be the best in their market. The process of training is to help employees reach their maximum efficiency. William Hill will need to meet their annual targets therefore employees would need to develop their skills. At the beginning of your employment at William Hill or any other workplace you will have to have an induction. This is an introduction to the business for new employees. This can be used to familiarise the new recruits with the organisation. Based on a good induction the employee will feel at ease with the organisation and some of the employees. Your skills and qualifications may be based on your training. Your ability to gain as much knowledge as you can will be reflected in your skills to do certain jobs. Employees of William Hill will be trained to suit any area no mater what the task in question is. This will then help the company to strive to be the finest it can be. Succession and Promotion of Staff Succession is the process of staff that has left being trained and promoted although it has become common for William Hill to recruit experienced staff from outside the business it would be advantageous to start promoting those within the organisation. ...read more.


Some of WH Smith's customers would like to buy recyclable products to be kind to the environment. If WH Smith were to be concerned with the environment they could buy more recyclable stationery enabling this to be part of their policy concerning the environment. There may be some customers (like me) that don't really mind whether their goods are recyclable. To them they may think that just because they can be recycled they are not good quality, therefore they would not buy it. The HR department would need to analyse this area and make sure they know and understand the ramifications that may occur from their decisions. This could have an effect on staff as they may need to employ more people to assist with sales or not employ anyone at all. Legal All companies follow an equal opportunity policy as it is part of a legislation that all businesses should follow. For legal reasons William Hill may have to pay one employee more money than another, this would not be because one's a man and the other is a woman, but, because one is a minor (under 16) and the other is above 18. With this policy people under 18 yrs would be paid �3.60 and anyone older would get �4.20. Within this company they do not discriminate against people, this could be from sex discrimination to racial. This could effect the HR department as it could higher the cost of labour that they recruit, meaning that they would reduce the amount of staff. Nike Akinde ...read more.

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