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Human Resources Functions

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E1 - Human Resources Functions Human Resources Planning The Human Resources Department (HRD) is responsible for Human Resources Planning at 'Alstom' and most other big businesses. This means they have a number of main responsibilities to make sure that the business is planned and running well. At 'Alstom' the HRD have to plan ahead and make sure they have the correct number of suitable employees for the business. In order to do this 'Alstom' set out to fully understand the demand on the labour market in their area. The main things 'Alstom' look at are: > Availability of labour > Competition for employment and placements > Local employment trends > Skills shortages These are all very important as they highlight what is going on in the labour market and what may affect the running of 'Alstom'. Availability of labour shows just how many people there are on offer for employment in 'Alstom's' area, which reveals to them how many people there are to choose from when recruiting. Competition for employees shows whether demand for labour is increasing because competitors are expanding or whether demand is dropping because competitors are having to make redundancies. This also can affect wage rates when recruiting, because as demand increases salary rates are caused to rise. ...read more.


> The Human Resources Officer (HRO) advises the RM on the Personnel Requisition and will consult with them regarding sourcing the vacancy. > The post is advertised internally prior to/parallel with external recruitment procedures (managers are not permitted to contact any external agencies directly without prior agreement from the HRD). > Internal applicants should complete an 'Application for Internal Appointment' form - applicant's manager must authorize. External applicants complete an 'Application for External Appointment' form or submit a CV. > Internal applicants are screened by the HRO and forwarded to the RM. Selected applicant interviews are then arranged via HRD. Internal candidates not selected for interviews are notified by HRD. Successful internal candidates have their current manager informed by the HRD and are formally offered the job via their manager. They then have 10 days to accept and the two managers agree on a release date. > External applicants are screened by HRD and suitable applicants are forwarded to the RM for selection. Interviews are then arranged via HRD for short-listed candidates. The successful candidate is issued the 'New Starter Advice' by the HRD, in liaison with the RM. The candidate is then offered a placement subject to a pre-employment medical examination and at least one previous employers reference and evidence of qualifications. ...read more.


Therefore, it helps both the employer and the employee to assess and manage individual performance. > Measuring production - At 'Alstom' they also carry out some measurements of production. An example of this is 'Graduate Retention'. This is an important method of performance management as it shows clearly what 'Alstom's' internal statistics are and helps the business realize and assess where improvement may need to made and which areas are struggling to run well. For example, if graduate retention is increasing then they will need to make changes and improvements to bring this statistic down and therefore benefit the business. Training and development At 'Alstom' they have a process for Training and Development (shown on next page). The main responsibility of HRD is to make sure that this process is carried out and that it is fully introduced and explained. Training and Development is very important to 'Alstom' as it ensures that employees learn the right skills for the job and it makes sure that they can do their job well and efficiently. It helps employees to earn the skills, qualifications and experience that they want/need and it benefits 'Alstom' as it enables them to run better and to a fuller potential and efficiency because their workers are well trained and developed. Internal Labour Market Sarah Straughton 26302 3049 1 ...read more.

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