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Human Resources Management

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Business Studies Human Resources Management Part 1 Person Specification The person specification describes job qualities which are essential and desired in order to do the Clerical Officer job to the standard which Durham County Council want. Qualifications and experience are shown in phase 1, and phase 2 shows the personal qualities, these are then split into essential and desired qualities. This allows candidates and Durham County Council to quickly judge whether or not they are appropriate for the job. The benefit of it is that it is easy to follow so that applicants know what Durham County Council require and allows the candidate to assess themselves before applying for the job which means they will not apply if they are not suitable for the job. They will have included this information in two separate tables as it is useful for applicants because it will reduce the chances of rejection and time wasting as they are able to assess themselves. It is useful for Durham County Council as they are not wasting any time assessing or interviewing unsuccessful applicants and therefore saving money as staff cannot work whilst interviewing candidates. The person specification is set out in a simple and neat table form. This allows the applicant to quickly check if they have the qualities which are essential and if not, they know they are not suitable for the job. Durham County Council can also quickly asses the candidate to see if they have all the necessary skills which they want as if it were a tick list, allowing ease and maximum speed with minimal confusion. It doesn't look like it requires a lot as it is set out in 2 separate tables (phase 1 and 2) for personal and job qualities of candidate and it is then split into two parts showing what is essential and what is desired. This doesn't put applicants off at first glance as it is simple, where as if this was wrote in paragraph form it would require both applicant and Durham County Council to separate qualities and make it a harder and longer process to see suitability. ...read more.


This is James chance to use creative selling. The person specification desires skills such as good time keeping and good ICT skills. James states that he has had administrative experience which includes deadlines and ICT and individual work. This is selling James best points as this relates to the person specification because they are looking for someone like this. He talks about rewards which he has received for excellent work which is promising. James typing skills are excellent; this allows him to work fast with little problems and may mean he needs little training. This can save money and time. Applicant B Application form This applicant has not met the closing date and therefore will not be considered as general point number 2 states that no late applicants will be considered. If Chantelle was considered it has to be noted that she has not answered every detail such as postcode, national insurance number and job sharing. She also has not spelt her email address correctly. This shows she cannot follow correct instructions or complete jobs fully and James already has an advantage. She only has two GCSEs however she has two qualifications from college and is currently doing one. These are in desirable subjects such as word processing (ICT) and business administration which would give her an advantage however, James has a lot more qualifications including business, which again would give him an advantage over Chantelle. She explains her duties and responsibilities and perhaps should have considered the job description and person specification before writing this as she could have expanded on the points which they desire such as communication skills and ICT skills as sorting mail is not appropriate for this job. CV Chantelle has made mistakes with spelling and grammar, she uses shorthand which isn't professional. The layout of her CV is not accurate and this shows she doesn't make sure her work is neat and correct which does not suit this job role. ...read more.


However bad points about a CV are people often photocopy the standard CV and don't make an effort which although they may be a suitable candidate they have not tried hard and when reading CV after CV they need one which stands out and seems to match the job role they are offering. It allows them to show off however sometimes they may drag these out and it may be too long. The CV allowed us to see what previous experience and skills such as qualifications which each applicant has. We could see that Sonia has had office experience which benefits her and James enjoyed the office work which he previously did which helps us to know that he would enjoy more office work. Job description and person specification The advantages of this are it allows the applicants to see if they are suitable for the job before they apply stopping any wasted entrants. It allows them to see if they can carry out the duties required and if they think they would enjoy their responsibilities which reduce the chances of early leaving as they know what to expect from the job. This overall saves time and money. It also allows them to relate previous skills to ones they need for the job now so that they can impress and prove that they are capable of doing the required tasks. It allows them to see if they have the correct qualifications and experience and they can assess themselves before applying to see if they have what they are looking for. Sonia related her behaviour and skills and allowed us to see how she suits the job giving the advantage of time saving as we don't have to decide if we think she is capable of carrying out the job. However down sides of this are it gives them the chance to say they can carry out more duties than they actually can just so they can get the job. ?? ?? ?? ?? Claire Anderson Business Studies coursework 08/05/2007 4 ...read more.

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