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Human Resources Management

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Running head: HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Human Resources Management KB UOP BUS 202 Jeff September 02, 2007 Human Resources Management Human Resources departments have existed for over a decade. Previously known as personnel departments, organizations' departments specializing in the management of human assets have evolved through the years to address many issues. Change in labor laws, introduction and advancement in technology, and the way humankind has evolved has forced many trend changes in human resources management (HRM). In today's organizations, human resources management has many functions and roles. According to (Brannen 2004) human resources management departments include the administrative role of processing benefits and keeping employee records. Human resources management also is required to develop and operate training, recruitment, and safety programs. With the many changes that have occurred throughout the years, human resources management's challenges for effectiveness and efficiency have also multiplied. Thus, this paper will discuss the following four important topics that HR departments face in today's organizations: how a complete performance management system differs form the use of annual performance appraisals; advantages of managing turnover in organizations; contemporary safety and health management issues in the workplace; and future trends and challenges in human resources management. ...read more.


For example, rapid changes in technology have had a major impact in human resource management, just as hardware technology and software applications have facilitated the automation of many functions, and the repetitive nature of many of its functions can cause injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Human resources professionals function as the role of coaching managers and supervisors is to promote a safe and healthy work environment that fosters optimal performance, well-being, as well as injury and illness prevention. Strong understanding of health and safety roles and responsibilities, federal and state laws, and pertinent information that support these processes is of the utmost importance. Future Trends and Challenges in HR Management The 21st century will bring various trends and challenges to organizations worldwide. According to Goldsmith (2005), several issues, such as decentralization, globalization, and rapid development of technology, will challenge organizations human resource management functions and responsibilities. Management's process of leadership development is becoming a major contributor to organizations' competitive advantage (Goldsmith, 2005) The author goes on to state , the only way new leaders will be successful in coping with new trends and challenges are by aligning their leadership development process with all organizational strategic objectives. ...read more.


The key point in succession management is determining the future needs of the organization and matching that up with the potential candidates for those roles. Even though there is going to be a significant amount of individuals retiring, the organization may choose not to keep certain positions or might want to make changes to those jobs. Creating a succession management plan is not a simple task to tackle and many organizations outsource the planning part of this to consultants who have experience with this and then later administer the program in house. Just as many other aspects of life, human resources is a field that will continue to evolve with the current trends and demands of society. Human resources professionals not only need to be kept abreast of the changing laws and regulations, but also keep up with current trends that effect the workforce and business as a whole. An HR professional is a strategic partner that will work hand in hand with the executives and company management in order to organize and establish organizational objectives. In addition, they will act as an employee advocate to be the leader of the employee pack that needs guidance on becoming the empowered workforce. ...read more.

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