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Human Resources of Hyatt Hotel

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Interview and Job Sculpting Henrik Rydh Tony Simons believes that the traditional approach to interviewing job candidates is ineffective and thus job interviews should be structured. In this article, he first explains that interview bias strongly affects the way an interview is carried out. Whether it is stereotyping, a glance on the applicants CV or even a firm handshake, any type of first impression will inevitably influence the way in which the applicant is interviewed. This could thus lead to an interviewer being completely oblivious to the candidate's true personality making it unlikely to hire the best candidate. If a bad decision is made due to ineffective interviewing, the cost is predicted to be one to two times the employee's annual salary. ...read more.


Probing is another technique which can be used but should only be used if the interviewer has extensive training in how and when to probe for further explanation and further information. All in all, Simons clearly explains how to get beyond first impressions as well as how to structure an interview to increase the probability of hiring the best candidate. A Harvard Business Review suggests that talent wars exist in today's business world and job sculpting is the key tool to winning these wars. Job sculpting is the art of matching people to jobs that allow their deeply embedded life interests to be expressed. Thus, it involves forging a customized career path in order to increase the chance of retaining talented people. ...read more.


The review also states that HR handles career development poorly as job sculpting requires an ongoing dialogue between an employee and his boss. This underlines the importance of a manager playing the roll of detective and psychologist in order to achieve effective job sculpting. The review clearly supports the fact that job sculpting can lead to beneficial outcomes for an organization. However, there are difficulties as well. For example, when job sculpting requires removing parts of a job that the employee dislikes, the manager must then find replacements for those disliked jobs, which may be costly. Furthermore, a manager may even find that there is simply no way to accomplish the job sculpting the employee wants. In such a case, the manager may need to inform the employee to leave the company. Nonetheless, this review clearly underscores the idea that job sculpting, at its worst, requires short term pain but only to result in long term gain. ...read more.

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