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Human Resources Planning determines a course of action, which helps to function more efficiently by having the right labour, in the right place of the right time and cost.

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Task 1A Human Resources Human Resources Planning determines a course of action, which helps to function more efficiently by having the right labour, in the right place of the right time and cost. This requires an accurate forecasting e.g. they need to organise their manpower needs both in terms of number employees needed and the types of skills and qualities required. In this it is important to monitor the productivity of the existing and available workforce and recognise the impact of technological change in the way jobs are carries out. The human resources planning team also needs to be able to identify and analyse the factors influencing and shaping the labour markets from which the organisation recruits staff to satisfy its manpower needs. The human resources team has to work within these labour markets to acquire sufficient resources to meet the productivity needs. A good example of this is a football team to show us what is meant by a good human resources team. A club like Manchester United need to be able to assemble a team with the potential to win football matches at a cost, which still allows the club to make a profit. So basically this is saying that planning for a team with right blend of maturity and experience, youth and energy. Recruitment and Selection No matter how sophisticated the technical means of production the ultimate success of an organisation depends upon the quality and contribution of its workforce. It links that the organisation must have both an efficient recruitment policy and an efficient selection procedure to ensue that it has a workforce of the highest possible quality. This is important for the highly capital intensive industries as it is for the more labour intensive sector of the economy such as retailing and service industries. Companies may need to recruit for several reasons. The growth of an organisation can generate additional demand and therefore create a need for some extra labour. ...read more.


The way a person will know this is by the person specification. E.g. the above one states that you have to apply in writing to the head office. At the back is an example of a C.V. The factor to be considered when filling in a vacancy and carrying out an interview are that is if you want to vacancy to be filled externally or internally. The advantage of having the vacancy filled in internally is that the person is well aware of how the business works and runs. They are also familiar with the surroundings. This will also save a lot of money on the business because this will mean that the Human Resources department will not be wasting any time and effort to advertise in the right places. The disadvantage is that the person does not have the experience to do the job so then this will mean that the company Wickes will only have to pat for the training of the person. The advantage of external factors is that the person might just have come out of university doing a sandwich course meaning that the person has had experience in the sector or also that they are in the sandwich course and they are applying for the job at wickes building suppliers. The disadvantage is that the human resources department will have to spend time, money and effort advertising the job vacancy. After doing this they will then have to match the application forms to the person specification and then shortlist some of the people. After this the human resources department in Wickes building suppliers will then have to interview the applicants who are new and again this will then cost money and waste time. After interviewing they will have to gather information on the applicants and also match it again to the person specification. The key recruitment documents I have maintained from Wickes building suppliers are the job description and the application form. ...read more.


Also the other reason is because has some appraisal schemes. One of the appraisal systems is that every employee has the chance to earn bonuses related to the business performance. For example if in a business if the motivation theory is identified then it is possible that if it is effecting performance of the business then it is identified that there is training needed in order to boost the performance of the business. The other way is that if there is a goods idea then the winner at the end gets to drive the company's jaguar at the end of the month. The main thing they do is that the colleagues are regularly reviewed against their personal targets and Wickes building supplier's principles. So part of the interview is that are encouraged to plan their own development and set future needs or targets. This then allows the colleague to check their progress and learn from their mistakes. The other thing to help them is the Self-Development Resource Guide. This helps them by developing the qualities and characteristics that are needed for effective performance. It also gives them pointers to activities that can be carried out on the job. The benefits that the staff have for working in Wickes building suppliers is that they are able to get a 25% staff discount only after three months service, they get 23 days holiday per year for colleges who work 5 days a week and also they have a long service award which is that they get vouchers. 5 years-�50 gift voucher 10 years-�200 UK break voucher 15 years-�450 UK break voucher 20 years- �1,500 general voucher 25 years- �2,500 general voucher The other thing they get is health insurance. This covers health and dental insurance. This is only for mid managers. For the other employees they get a discount for medical cover. Pension Plan This is only for the colleagues that are over 45 who get a defined benefits plan and the younger colleagues get a persona plan facility. Life Insurance They provide a cover at the rate of three times the annual salary. ...read more.

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