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Human Resources Planning.

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Careful planning is vital to any business, in order for it to recognise what kind of employees they need to suit the environment in which they will be working. For this to work, the business must have good knowledge of the surrounding area, by considering trends in local employment, shortages of skills, availability of labour and the competition for employees. In order to predict the human resources needed by a business, it is necessary to think carefully about the future plans it wants to fulfil. To do this, business could either try management estimates or work study techniques. Management estimates is where managers are to discover staff needs, by analysing past, present and possible future needs. ...read more.


Wastage rate = Number of staff leaving in a time period X 100 Average number of staff employed in time period This information shows whether or not it is necessary to recruit new staff, to substitute the ones leaving. Labour stability rate = Number of staff leaving, with more than 1 years service X 100 Number employed a year ago This shows how likely it is for employees with long service to stay within the organisation. The external labour market, also affects the supply of labour to organisations, and this can be nationally or locally. This involves trends in age distribution, labour competition, government policies, economic activity, training and education. Many organisations will be affected by changes in age distribution within the UK, and this will influence human resource planning. ...read more.


Generally, there is not an overall requirement for human resources planning; it just relies on staying within the salary budget. In a lot of cases managers do not have to make plans on employing staff, they usually wait until the vacancy arises. Birmingham City Council plans to avoid the need for redundancy and handle changes in organisational workload by: Recruitment control Using agency and temporary staff Redistributing duties Reducing overtime working Using voluntary redundancy Redeployment To cut down on the amount of money they are spending, Birmingham City Council are trying to control recruitment by employing internally, by redistributing employees throughout the departments. The problem they have to overcome is convincing individual managers of different departments to accept that these employees are capable of completing duties, even it means providing them with some sort of training. ...read more.

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