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I am going to be choosing a type of communication Capital City Academy should use to present the new subjects to their students for next year.

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Unit 4 P3 Khaoula Hamaili P3: produce corporate communications Introduction: In this piece of coursework I am going to be choosing a type of communication Capital City Academy should use to present the new subjects to their students for next year. The method of communication I am going to use to inform students about the two new subjects that will be introduced next year will be leaflet. The two new courses that will be introduced next year will be A level Economics and A Level Business Studies The reason I choose to use the leaflet is because leaflets are easy to give out and can include lots of information. This particular method is appropriate because I am just giving the students a notice of what subjects Capital City Academy will offer next year and all the subject information will be on the leaflet. ...read more.


University can offer many subjects for students to do if they have an economics or business qualification. Courses like business management, accounting, human resources. For A level business you can also be opened to many job options in the future. A level business can give you huge jobs that students in Capital City Academy would not dream to have. Business a level can give you jobs like owning your own business, account manager, teaching, business finance, state agent and much more other options. I think students in Capital City Academy Students should choose either Economics or Business as a level as they are both very good subjects and could benefit a lot of them. A level is recommended is all universities and they mostly look for students with A level qualification. ...read more.


I think CCA are able to deliver these two new courses. At Capital City Academy there are currently a level courses going on such as science and society and it is going really well. Capital City Academy provides very good resources for the lesson that are very helpful. Everyone doing science and society is currently working towards a very good level and our teachers here at Capital City Academy always make time to help any students who need help. A level courses have to be taught by professional teachers and CCA provide very high qualified teachers who are able to deliver a level business and a level economics. Capital City Academy has the correct staff for business and economics and provides excellent facilities. Conclusion: Overall in this piece of coursework I have spoken about how Capital City Academy should present there two new subjects for next year and I have chosen a communication method. I have also attached a leaflet that I have made. ...read more.

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