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I am going to be informing you about the different types of stakeholders there are, and the stakeholders which have an influence on the way Tesco is run.

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Alex Hall Unit 2 Section 1 Stakeholders Dear Employees of Tesco, I am going to be informing you about the different types of stakeholders there are, and the stakeholders which have an influence on the way Tesco is run. I am going to be finding out the role and importance that stakeholders have on a business. I will describe three of the organisations key stakeholders which are the community, customers and government. A stakeholder is a person or group of people that have an interest in the organization. There are nine types of stakeholders. The three internal stakeholders are the employees, shareholders and financiers. The six external stakeholders are the suppliers, community, government, pressure groups, customers and trade unions. Stakeholders Community As a stakeholder the community is an important factor for Tesco. ...read more.


Also they could offer shares to everyone as well which means that some people would be getting involved and interested in what Tesco are doing. Another factor that the community may not like is the traffic congestion and the sound pollution that the superstore may bring to the community which may include people coming in and out of the area to come to Tesco. This would also be disliked by the environmentalists because there would be more pollution with the cars that are travelling to the superstore. Customer The customer is the most important stakeholder for Tesco. Tesco will want to work as hard as they can to get the customers spending their money. Tesco's employees and staff will always look after their customers, making sure that they are happy and being treated well. ...read more.


Government As a stakeholder the government will play an important role for Tesco because if they decide to raise taxes both Tesco and the customer will have to pay more. Consequently the customers will not be able to spend as much In Tesco. Which would mean that Tesco will not be getting as much profit as possible. Stakeholder Conflict Stakeholders may conflict with each other because they do not agree with what another stakeholder is doing or what has been said. A conflict may occur between the customers and the employees because maybe an employee hasn't treated a customer well and the customer has approached the employee or manager and complained. Another conflict may happen between the shareholders and the community because the shareholders may want to build another Tesco in a local community and the community may not want it there so this would cause a conflict with one another. ...read more.

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