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I am using secondary research because it saves time. I will not have to collect the data first hand, which will allow me time to evaluate the information found. I will research using the Internet, reports on Cadbury and magazine articles

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Secondary research Secondary research is information that has previously been gathered from other sources. It is usually carried out by a third party company. The data is then analysed and made available for other companies. When using secondary data, care must be taken in ensuring the information is correct. The data analysis and presentation may be affected by the way the data has been collected. Secondary research methods include the Internet, textbooks, magazines, newspapers and reports. I am using secondary research because it saves time. I will not have to collect the data first hand, which will allow me time to evaluate the information found. I will research using the Internet, reports on Cadbury and magazine articles. I found the following information from Cadbury confectionary market review (2003) In 2003, Cadbury increased its share of the market to more than 29% in contrast to Nestle and Mars who have seen their share decline to 21% and 20%. This pie chart shows the value share of confectionery products. Cadbury is the largest with 29% of the share. ...read more.


Cadbury use segmentation by considering why people eat chocolate. They consider indulgence, snacking, sharing, gifts and for home. The chart shows that the segment for home is the largest, which tells me that confectionery products are likely to be eaten in the home. This segment can be further broken down into for home snacking and for home time together. This chart tells me that when at home, the majority of confectionary products are eaten together, rather than as a snack. Although, not stated, this gives me implications that children eat chocolate at home together with their families rather than as a snack. This pie chart tells me about the market which my product is for. From the snacking segmentation, it tells me that children make up 27.5% of it. This is a high percentage, considering that children do not usually buy the product themselves. I found the secondary research to be very useful. I found out about competitors, customers, markets and segments. ...read more.


The information I found about prices and competitors, had the disadvantage that I gathered it from a local shop, where prices are generally more expensive than a supermarket. To improve this research, I should have carried out the same research in various places and compared prices. Although I found my secondary research I carried out helpful and it provided me with useful quantitative data, I did find the information was limited and do not think it answered all of my questions. However, it did save a lot of time and the information was in depth and full of relevant information, which will help me further on. I gathered much of my secondary research from the confectionery market review, which was published in 2003. the problem with this is the data found from this review is dated. However, I was able to gather more research, which showed me Cadbury is currently the number 1 brand, but the position of competitors may have changed since. Overall, my research has been helpful in enabling me to create a marketing strategy. ...read more.

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