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I have been asked by the marketing director to research the market regarding internet cafes here in the UAE.

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Action Plan I have been asked by the marketing director to research the market regarding internet cafes here in the UAE. It is my duty to produce a feasible report with evidence to show that Surf N' Slurp, if opened, will be a success. By writing this action plan I will be able to decide: * What I have to do * What information needs to be collected * How or where I am going to get this information * And finally what alternative strategies I will need to use to find the information I need. By the end of this report there will be numerous tasks, which have been covered in depth. Starting with an introduction consisting of a number of definitions, the main jobs of a marketing manager, the two main types of research and there advantages and disadvantages, the reasons for doing market research and to end the introduction I will include all my sources of information such as the books I have quoted or researched from, the authors, the websites, the magazines etc. Next comes my objectives which will include a paragraph on how my objectives will influence the rest of the business, what constraints are there on this business and what methods or resources are available to help this business carry out its plans. ...read more.


Produce a detailed marketing plan, which includes graphs and charts. Only in the last 50 years has there been a big rise to the importance of marketing and market research. After all market research is what will tell you weather there is a need for the product or service you are offering and if so then where to locate your company, how to price your products, the best ways to promote it and what products are in demand. There are two main types of market research: * Field research * Desk research Field research- Information that is gathered for a specific purpose through direct investigation such as observations or surveys and through experiment, also commonly known as primary data. Advantages Disadvantages The company itself has control over the whole process, therefore information will be collected exactly to suite your needs. The whole process takes longer because the information needed could require specialists which is time consuming The company that collects primary data will be the only organization with access to it. Field research can be very expensive to collect The information collected is up to date. The way we obtain our field research can be impractical Desk research- information that already exists due to other people's research, also known as secondary data. ...read more.


E.g. Assets must arrive on time and food items delivered regularly. When setting objectives one must always bear in mind that there may be a few constraints (internally or externally) that may stop the company from succeeding in a particular objective. Internal constraints External constraints Financial problems- no capitol to help the business expand Heavy competition- harder to do things your way e.g. Price coke at 5dhs when other net cafes sell it for 4dhs. Personal constraints- untrained staff, staff do not have the expertise to achieving the objectives Times may change and people will lose interest in certain services. Law- government/ministry may not approve of the net caf´┐Ż. Fortunately there are many methods and resources available to help Surf 'N' Slurp carry out its plans. Some of these methods are: Market research- such as questionnaires- this is an easy and efficient way of finding out exactly what customers need and want. S.W.O.T.T.- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends The 4 P's- products/services, price, promotion and place. Customer Needs Market Segmentation- To divide a market by a strategy directed at gaining a major portion of sales to a subgroup in a category, rather than a more limited share of purchases by all category users. Marketing departments segment the market so that they can focus on providing products and services to different people with different needs and wants. ...read more.

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