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I have decided to investigate a large hotel chain called intercontinental hotels group PLC. I am going to do a comprehensive review of the role and relative importance of the organisations stakeholders

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This report is presented in this order: a) Introduction and Information about the business b) Stakeholders c) Customer service d) Job roles and working arrangements e) Employee recruitment and Training f) Employer and Employee rights and responsibilities I am going to produce a report on a large organisation. I have decided to investigate a large hotel chain called intercontinental hotels group PLC. I am going to do a comprehensive review of the role and relative importance of the organisations stakeholders. I will found out the following information: - Details of their important stakeholders - The customer service arrangements in the business - How customers are protected by law - The job roles in the organisation - The working arrangements for staff in the organisation - How staff are recruited and trained - Employer and employee rights - Health and safety issues in the organisation Intercontinental hotels group PLC is the world's most global hotel company and has the largest by number of rooms. The group has more than 3,500 owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels and approximately 536,000 guest rooms across nearly 100 countries territories. The group owns many different brands of hotels including: - Intercontinental hotels - Crown plaza hotels and resorts - Holiday inn hotels and resorts - Indigo hotels - Candlewood suites - Stay bridge For my portfolio I am going to investigate this company and focus on the holiday inn hotels and resorts brand of hotels. The holiday inn that I will be analysing is the Bexley one. Hotel inn hotels can be found all over the world. No matter where you're travelling, you'll find a familiar place to stay at holiday hotel. With more than 1,500 holiday inn full service hotels around the world, you'll be sure to find a convenient location offering many features to make your stay more enjoyable, including comfortable guest rooms equipped with coffeemakers, hairdryers and irons. ...read more.


All senior staff meet up with the manager to discuss financial issues, any guest comments and the day ahead. This meeting also allows communication to happen between all departments, which are critical in the running of the hotel. The hotel must also communicate with the local community; they play a major part in the profits made by the hotel. The hotel is one of the biggest employers in the local area; the general manager must also cooperate with the police relating to licensing laws. He must meet health and safety requirements within the hotel. Holiday Inn is an American brand and therefore requires all the hotels to be standardized. This means that no matter which country you are in, your stay should basically be the same as any other hotel with the same d�cor, staff uniform, fixtures and fittings and general facilities. The General Manager must make sure that the hotel meets these requirements. Finally, as customers become more demanding, so the standards and level of service which is given to the guest must be impeccable. Again the General Manager must work hard to ensure that this is maintained. The skills required for the reservation manager is to attended and contribute to all daily and weekly and team meetings. He must ensure that each new member of the team receives a depatemental induction in their first week of training and that they attened a company orrientation within their there forst four weeks of employment. Operations manager The operations manager has the responsibility of managing the hotel on a daily basis. He is deputising the general manager when he is away. He is the key link between the staff and general manager. The operations manager will arrive very early in the morning, often before guests are waking up. He will make sure that the hotel is generally clean and tidy, by walking around all the areas of the hotel. ...read more.


Employee rights Employees have the right to read their own contract. The contract must state the rights of the employee such as the hours of work they will do. Some employees are asked to work overtime but if it isn't stated in their contract they take it at their own discretion. It tells them their pay rate; the contractor must pay the employee the minimum wage set by the government. Some employees may get bonuses for working longer hours. They are also allowed to know their holiday and sick pay. The contract must say if the employee is entitled to sick pay and how many holidays they are allowed. Finally it must state the period of the contact. Nowadays short-term contracts are common. In the holiday most of the unskilled workers are issued with short term as the employees are there only for a short while because they are young workers and wanting to find suitable career paths. Employees have the right to work in a health and safe place. In the holiday inn when a new employee is starting they are given a induction days where tours are given so the new employees will feel comfortable with safety in their workplace. Employees must be properly trained to do the job they are given; most good employers give their employees a chance to widen their work experience or to get extra qualifications. This will help them getter better jobs in the future. This is called staff development. In general employees are legally entitled to join any trade union. A trade union is an independent organisation, which represents the interests of employees. Employers see trade unions as troublemakers because if their employees aren't happy the business can be given a negative image, as the trade unions will highlight the trouble. The holiday inn members can join trade unions because the hotel industry is not yet unionised. Employees now have the right to see their employment records. ...read more.

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